‘Major’ Adnan Sami Khan complains about family not being invited to PAF event

Adnan Sami assumes that since he has become an Indian citizen now hence his mother is facing discrimination.

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Pakistani-turned-Indian citizen, Adnan Sami Khan, who faced a hilarious social media campaign recently when he was dubbed ‘Major’ Adnan Sami Khan by social media users in Pakistan, on Monday complained that the PAF did not invite his mother and the widow of PAF’s Squadron leader Arshad Sami Khan, to a Defence Day event.

The disappointed Indian singer posted an open letter on his Twitter account addressing Pakistan Air Force. He said that since he had renounced his Pakistani citizenship and embraced Indian citizenship, hence the PAF stopped inviting his mother to the event.

He expressed his ’disgust’ and thrashed PAF for disrespecting his family. In a lengthy letter posted on his Twitter account, the singer demeaned and maligned PAF.

The singer vented out his anger and scorn against PAF in his note. At the end of the letter, Sami said he is proud of becoming the Indian citizen because they respect their heroes. The response from Pakistan Air Force is awaited on the controversy.

Meanwhile, a score of Indian citizens commented under his post and expressed solidarity with him.

Who was Arshad Sami Khan?

Arshad Sami Khan – father of Adnan Sami – was a Pakistani diplomat, civil servant, and fighter pilot who at peak of his career attained the highest rank of Federal Secretary. He started his career as a Pakistan Air Force fighter pilot and later served 3 Presidents of Pakistan as their aide-de-camp (ADC) and later went on to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he served three Presidents and four Prime Ministers as chief of protocol. He was later appointed as a diplomatic ambassador of Pakistan to 14 countries.

PAF pilot Arshad Sami Khan had an instrumental role in the 1965 war. He was part of the air raid by the Pakistan Air Force that destroyed the Pathankot Air Base of Indian in the 1965 war. In recognition of his services, the government of Pakistan and Field Marshal Ayub Khan had awarded him Sitara-e-Jurat – the third highest gallantry award.

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However, his son met with criticism for receiving India’s highest civil award, Padma Shri, on India’s 71st Republic Day. On Saturday, India’s Home Ministry released a list of 118 people who got the award, including Adnan Sami.

The announcement spurred a whirlwind of criticism, a score of Indian social media users including Congress lawmakers, rebuked and scowled at BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for honoring Adnan Sami with Padma Shri.


Meanwhile, the singer called it a ‘great’ moment of his 34-year long musical career in a tweet. He is elated to be honored by his government for his services.

Uproar in India

But a score of Indians were unhappy and questioned making him stand at par with Indian high achievers. They slammed PM Modi for awarding Adnan Sami – son of a Pakistani PAF war veteran who fought against India in wars and even crashed Indian jets in the 1965 war, the Padma Shri.

Singer’s rebuttal

Khan strongly rebutted Congress’s diatribe against him. He argued children should not be grilled for the mistake of parents. However, Sami has already declared his father an Indian amid an argument with a Pakistani Twitter user in August last year.

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He and Pakistani Twitter users traded extreme sarcasm when the former celebrated India’s Independence Day. Pakistani users accused him of betraying his motherland – Pakistan and asserted that they are happy they got rid of him. Sami retorted to his critics, said he walked away because he was undervalued in Pakistan.

His response sent a shockwave through Pakistani Twitter users, as many of them came forth and shared the details of his father’s services to Pakistan.