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Friday, May 17, 2024

Indian Sports commentator Sushant Mehta disrespects Holy Prophet

He acts as the host on the YouTube channel "Sports Yaari," sharing insights into the selection and performance of the Indian cricket team.

Indian Sports commentator Sushant Mehta is receiving backlash in Pakistan for his Islamophic derisive comments against Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.

An old video of Mehta has emerged on social media in which he is seen responding to the comical jibe taken by Indian comedian Munawar Farooqui on Hindu deities. In response, Mehta passed disrespectful comments on the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

Pakistani social media users slammed Indian commentator Sushant Mehta and called for this boycott. Users are asking for Sushant Mehta to apologize.

Pakistani sports commentators argued that Pakistani YouTubers should boycott him and should stop inviting him to their virtual spaces. Mehta has gained considerable publicity among Pakistani cricket fans.

He acts as the host on the YouTube channel “Sports Yaari,” sharing insights into the selection and performance of the Indian cricket team.


With a substantial following of over 100,000 on a particular platform, the Indian journalist is joined by two to three individuals on his show, where they provide commentary on matches and discuss their outcomes.

Recognized for his fervent reviews of the Indian national team’s performance, Mehta is often seen expressing his emotions, occasionally with passionate outbursts.

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The specific video has gained attention, drawing in numerous social media users, including fellow journalists, who claim that it unveils the “true nature” of Mehta. Following his video, Mehta lost thousands of followers from his X account. The video has apparently emerged after three years.

Following the backlash, Mehta apologized for hurting the sentiments. Apologizing to people he said, “Firstly, people grow a lot sensitive when such a topic comes along. Only 2-3 videos out of all in Cinema Yaari might be there when we speak on such issues. Munawar Farooqi said something funny about Lord Ram and Sita, Vir Das joked about Ramayana.”

“I don’t have a problem with them. If it’s funny, I laugh at them myself. But I cracked a joke on Prophet Muhammad and I apologised to those who were offended. My agenda wasn’t to hurt anyone’s sentiments,” said Mehta while apologizing.