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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Indian women ranked third in beating their husbands

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The UN survey report on domestic abuse and violence ranked Indian women third in the list for beating up their husbands. Egyptian women topped the list followed by the UK that took second place.

The survey also revealed that besides using their hand women make extensive use of pins, belts, shoes, kitchen tools and other items to physically abuse their husbands. The data obtained from the Egyptian court states 66% of these women end up filing for divorce from their husbands. Husbands who suffer abuse at the hands of their wives resort to suing their wives.

Men are often stereotyped for perpetrating domestic violence and abuse, hence an Indian writer from Ghaziabad, Jyoti Aurora penned down a novel ‘You Came Like Hope’, a story of love, that discussed women victimizing men.

Aurora admits to the physical abuse against women but she also believes that there exist incidents where women file fake cases of abuse against men.

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“Women do file fake cases against men and their families, wrongly accusing them of rape, domestic violence, and dowry. This problem is very real and even our Supreme Court has taken note of it,” the author said.

The author further added that she suffered trolls after she shared the idea of her novel on social media, however, she mentioned that in her previous novel, ‘Lemon Girl’ she profoundly discussed the other side of the story that talks about the domestic violence endured by women.

She says, “One of my tweets about my second novel came under attack by some anti-feminist Twitter trolls. All day long, these trolls kept on tweeting to me news stories of cases where a woman had victimized and falsely accused a man. It was frustrating, but it showed me that there was an opposite side of the issue I had raised in Lemon Girl.”

The author also said that the UN report’s startling revelation about male victimization urged her to write her novel.

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A similar investigation is required in Pakistan since the country is recording a rising number of failed marriages in recent years. The domestic abuse between partners also signifies the imbalance of power that exists between them. The conducive counseling of couples is essential to eliminate the prospects of physical abuse from the relationship.