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Saturday, May 25, 2024

India’s failed cruise missile test: Pakistan recalls the infamous landing of Abhinandan Varthaman

Social media users posted hilarious comments as pictures of the failed cruise missile test went viral.

Pakistani social media on Wednesday mocked the Indian Army after the latter failed at the test of an indigenous, intermediate-range, land-attack cruise missile for a record fourth time.

The local media of India cited technical problems for the failure of the cruise missile test. India’s missile, Nirbhay, is the local version of American Tomahawk and Russian Club SS-N-27 cruise missiles.



According to credible sources, the test failed within 8 minutes of the launch of the missile.

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The Nirbhay missile is currently functioned by Russian Saturn 50MT turbofan engine. Its local development began in 2007 with the help of Defence Research and Development Organization. India reportedly did 10 missile tests in the last 35 days.


The missile did the last test flight in 2016 but failed to hit the target. The Defence Research and Development Organization made various changes to its design and equipment and retested on October 12.

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The Pakistani social media users posted hilarious comments after they shared the images of the failed cruise missile test on Twitter yesterday. Some of the Twitter users related it to the downing of an Indian jet in Pakistan’s airspace in February 2019. Others recalled former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the occasion. Sharif recently claimed he developed the Tomahawk cruise missiles for Pakistan.