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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Indonesia uses fighter jets to awaken people for Ramadan

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Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim country with a population of around 267 million, out of which over 80% are adherent of Islam. Muslim nations all over the world have started celebrating the holy month of Ramadan with more excitement than ever. Indonesia holds a tradition of awaking people for sehri quite flamboyantly.

Through its Twitter account, @_TNIAU, the Indonesian Air Force announced the initiation of jet fighter training in several cities on Java Island, namely Surabaya in East Java, Surakarta, Klaten and Sragen in Central Java and Yogyakarta.

“God willing, we will carry out the tradition to wake people up for sahur using fighter aircraft,” the tweet reads.

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Moreover, Air Force spokesperson, Col. Sus M. Yuris explained that this mission is not being initiated just for maintaining tradition, but also to assure that Air Force personnel do not train during Ramadan.

Medical professionals advise against training after 10 am, that is, when the blood sugar levels of fast observers start dropping. Therefore, dawn has been chosen as the right time to fly for fighter pilots. Sus added that it was a “combined mission” to wake people up for sehri during training time.

During sehri, low-flying fighter aircraft will soar the skies and pilots will be required to use afterburners, which generate noise. A training program at dawn was initiated by the Air Force several years ago,  where two kinds of aircraft were mainly used: the F-16 and the T50i.

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This is one of the several Indonesian rituals of Ramadan Muslims observe every year. Millions of followers in the country gather together each day to break their fasts with only meat,  which is shared with the poor. This centuries-old tradition is known as Meugang.

Similarly, Pakistan also enjoys several communal practices of awaking people in Ramadan, if not as ostentatious. People banging dhols are seen roaming around the streets, pre-dawn, for the same purpose. Since the last few years, television channels have been hosting live shows with Islamic scholars, celebrity guests etc. to accompany the Pakistani population in their meals. Be it in any way possible, Muslims of the world are seen celebrating Ramadan with more affection and reception than ever.