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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Instagram influencer Fatima Nasir slammed over insensitive pictures

Pakistani Instagram influencer Fatima Nasir, received flak on social media after she posted pictures from Hafeez Center the site of a fire incident in Lahore.

Pakistani Instagram influencer Fatima Nasir, received flak on social media after her pictures from the site of the fire incident, Hafeez Center in Lahore went viral on social media last weekend.

Two days ago a devastating fire engulfed the business spot, Hafeez Center in Lahore that left nearly 800 shops in the building completely damaged. While Nasir claimed she reached the spot to cover the incident, her viral pictures insinuated her jovial and nonchalant attitude.

The Instagram influencer was slammed for turning a serious incident into a publicity stunt. Nasir currently has more than 6000 followers on her Instagram account. She claims herself to be a musician, artist, and athlete.

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The social media user however, claimed that she reached the spot to cover the incident and she did not intend to hurt the sentiments of people. On Monday, the female Instagram influencer posted a note of apology on her Instagram account.

Lahore Fire incident: Instagram influencer apologized

“I would like to sincerely apologize to all who got hurt by my post. I do feel bad for the ones who suffered losses during the devastating fire at Hafeez Center.”



“I do realize that my photos have hurt the feelings of many and come across as insensitivity on my part. Please know that I mean no harm or hurt anyone. It it was a documentary you were shooting showcasing the current situation in Pakistan,” she went on to add.

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“I was there to capture photographs of the incident as it unfolded. I was asked to go inside the fire perimeter to document everything in action on film. I had no intention to make fun of anyone or anything there. My recent posts were offensive as I smile although I didn’t mean to make it look that way as if I was happy about it. Smiling was a reflex on my part and I’m sorry about it. I’m sorry for putting them up at the wrong time and triggering the rightful sentiments. I shouldn’t have done that.

Will share the whole picture story soon,” the Instagram influencer concluded her message.