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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed sheds light on lockdown calls amid rising corona cases

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed explicates upon “interior” issues regarding rising Covid-19 cases, upcoming AJK elections, and implementation of 3G and 4G network in erstwhile FATA.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed explicates upon “interior” issues regarding rising Covid-19 cases, upcoming AJK elections, and implementation of 3G and 4G network in erstwhile FATA. When asked about the situation in Afghanistan, he answered that the foreign ministry can give a better perspective on the whole scenario since the interior ministry deals with “inner” border issues.

Smart Lockdown

Upon the spike in Covid-19 cases, he highlighted the rise in the positivity ratio in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. In response, the NCOC has advocated the proposal of smart lockdown to curtail the future rise. Following the Standard, Operating Protocols have become the norm in the testing Covid-19 times along with administering the vaccination.

According to the statistics by our world in data, only 1.7% of the population of Pakistan is fully vaccinated. Thus, with such a low rate, the spike in the cases appears inevitable with flouting of SOPs remains active.

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Since Pakistan is suffered economically along with other low-income countries due to Covid-19 lockdown measures, it cannot afford to impose strict lockdowns. As people’s livelihoods are at stake, the best way forward is to follow SOPs and spreading positive narratives about vaccines to ensure the return of lives on a normal course.

PM Imran Khan to pitch for Kashmir solution in UN

Regarding the elections in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sheikh Rasheed highlights the prospect of PTI making government on 25th July. Also, he explained the imposition of complete security measures to streamline the election process.

The Interior Minister explicates the fact that PM Imran Khan has played an active role in upholding the Kashmir cause in the United Nations. Furthermore, he has offered moral, political, and diplomatic support to the bereaved Kashmiri brethren who have faced the brunt of Indian aggression after the August 5, 2019 decision taking by the Indian government.

He expounds that with the PTI government in AJK, Imran Khan will have the mandate of taking the Kashmir cause further in the United Nations. Moreover, he elucidates Pakistan army is ready to play its positive role in case of any instability in Kashmir

Internet coverage in erstwhile FATA

In addition, he illuminates the decision to implement 3G and 4G networks in erstwhile FATA. This is a positive step forward along with the parliament’s decision to integrate the erstwhile FATA into the mainstream regions to ensure equitable socio-economic development in the country.

With the 3G and 4G network, enhanced communication, greater connectivity, and availability of the internet for education and work will be a game-changer in the region that has seen the scourge of war for decades.

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When questioned about the emerging situation in Afghanistan, the interior minister answered that the foreign office is the right place for such queries. However, he explains that for 40 years Pakistan is striving for a peaceful solution for the Afghanistan conflict, the focus will remain the same. Lasting peace and peaceful co-existence and watching out for spoilers in Afghan solution are the prime priorities for Pakistan.