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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

International Day for Biological Diversity

Fluctuating history of greenhouse gases is continuously increasing now. World temperature has been increasing for the last 150 years at an alarming rate. Volcano eruptions, solar winds and other factors which cause climatic changes are contributing less than the human share. Volcano eruption causes only a 2% effect on climate change

OUR mission should be to transfer planet earth to posterity at least in the same condition as we have got it. If we do not put an ear to climatic changes in time, we will never be in the good books of our posterity. Climate changes with their drastic effects will change the whole world, especially 2.6 billion of the poorest people of the world. It will also eliminate other living creatures. During the last 40 years, animals and plants have dropped down to 50%. According to ICUCN report, 20 to 30 percent of plants and animals are in danger and are likely to extinct soon due to climatic changes. Oceans are the best source of absorbing heat, they have also become victims of climatic changes. Biodiversity or biological diversity is the variety and variability of life on Earth. Biodiversity is a measure of variation at the genetic, species, and ecosystem level.

Since 1969, 700 meters of oceans have been getting warmer with an estimated temperature of 0.4 degrees. NASA statistics show that from 1993 to 2016 the average melting rate of ice has been recorded as 280 billion tons, while in Antarctica during the same period 127 billion tons per annum melting of ice has been recorded.

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Antarctica has recorded a 3% melting ratio during the last decade

Melting glaciers, boiling oceans, dying marines and wildlife and increasing heat are the harbingers of climatic changes. We are fully responsible for inflicting it. Temperature is consistently increasing due to greenhouse gasses. Juliet Georgia, USA, has the largest coil plant daily consuming 34000 coils and is annually adding 25 million tons of Co2. Deforestation has been started in Amazon forests for acquiring agricultural land. Scientists have been warning about the havoc of climatic changes since 1824 and later on in 1895.

Fluctuating history of greenhouse gases is continuously increasing now. World temperature has been increasing for the last 150 years at an alarming rate. Volcano eruptions, solar winds and other factors which cause climatic changes are contributing less than human share. Volcano eruption causes only a 2% effect on climate change. Co2 has increased 3% since the industrial revolution. The changes which used to occur after centuries are happening in decades. Average temperature of the planet has booted up nine degrees higher than the Ice Age.

There will be an estimated increase of 1 to 2.3 ft in oceans due to the rapid melting of ice with 4% higher than before which can cause Tsunami. Severe weather conditions may further lead to devastating flood, drought, infertility and many more. Decrease in agricultural productivity level and water scarcity hazards are anticipated. The year 2020 is the worst year in human history in regard to Co2 increase in the atmosphere. As per NASA statistics, the world temperature in 2019 was 1.8 degree which has jumped to more than expected during 2020. The five warmest years in human history from 1880 to 2019 are from 2015 to 2020.

We are highly responsible for adding up 11% of greenhouse gases to the climatic changes as compared to 6% of the total added up by the rest of other factors. It is also ironic that only 3% of total allocated funds to control climate change are used on natural solutions. We have to invest more in natural solutions to get rid of the monster. We have to plant and replant. Through plantation, we cannot only push the climate monster back to its din but we can also create more jobs than the oil and gas industry. If the temperature continues increasing with its present ratio, there is the apprehension of 1.5% temperature increase in 2030 to 2052.

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During the previous century, 08 islands were swallowed up by Oceans

According to the Zoology Society of London, wildlife has dropped to 40% during the past 40 years and from 1970 to 2014 fish, birds, reptiles and some other species have declined to 60%. Co2 is the biggest hazard in this regard, the amount of Co2 which is estimated to be present until 1750, a total of it has added up in the air during the last 40 years. We are also consuming natural resources more than their production. The most fatal and perilous weather conditions of human history have occurred 3% more in the last two decades. Heavy rain spell has increased to 4%, heatstroke 43%, drought 17% floods up to 16%.

In 2018, 120,000 sqm Tropical forests were cut down which resulted in 11% Co2 in the world climate. We are going to add up one billion ton of plastic in the coming 20 years which will further intensify the situation. The UK has targeted to electronic motor cars till 2050 to avoid climate change. But, ironically we have the same dubious policy about climate change as we have over the Kashmir issue. The sword of climate change is hanging over our heads and we have not reached a satisfactory level yet. We have to review our climate policy 2011 and mold it in accordance with the present scenario. We are bound to take initiative to nip the evil in the bud.

We need to create and raise awareness; we have to prescribe chapters in our national curriculum about it. We can handle it by protecting natural resources along with plantation campaigns. The recent heavy spell is a hint toward climate change. We need to turn an ear to this issue forthwith. The melting of ice on Hindukush, Karakoram and Himalayan may cause heavy floods which will mar our agriculture. This may further lead to a population shift. Although the Planning Commission has given valuable suggestions to tackle climate change, yet we need to get those file suggestions in practical form.

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If we try to turn a deaf ear to this grave issue, we are bound to face water shortage, economical degradation, defensive, health, drought problems along with decline in agriculture and an increase in population shift in near future. We have the time to ponder over before taking the Trojan Horse into our fort. We must hit Achilles’ heel to win the battle against climate change.



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