Internet believes PDM rented crowd for its Peshawar rally

Pictures of a leader of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) reportedly distributing money among the attendees of the rally in Peshawar went viral last week

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Pictures of a leader of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) reportedly distributing money among the attendees of the rally in Peshawar went viral on social media on Sunday.

A bunch of images of the team of PDM circulated on social media yesterday and internet users speculated that they are distributing remuneration to the attendees who were brought to Peshawar from all over KP to attend the rally. Some netizens suggested that PDM hired people to create deception of a successful ‘jalsa at Peshawar and multiply its strength.

The social media users booed the PDM leaders for faking huge support from the people when in fact they received negligible support. The aerial footage of the rally went viral on social media, showing a small crowd at the rally.

Many internet users have claimed that the people of Peshawar have ‘rejected’ PDM as insinuated by the poor power show.

Azhar Mashwani, the focal person on digital media to CM Punjab, also shared the apparent images of a PDM leader distributing money among people. Mashwani claimed that the strength of the crowd was between 2000-3000, and even that was rented for the rally.

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“There will be a total of 2 to 3 thousand people and they also have to pay and bring them. Mashallah” wrote Mashwani in a tweet. He even shared the drone footage of the rally and wrote: “Thank you, people, of Peshawar for following the SOPs against Corona and PDM.”

Another member of PTI, Jalal Qazi, shamed the Awami National Party (ANP) for renting the crowd for the rally.

“So #ANP brought people on rent for #PDMJalsaPeshawar Shame Shame Shame, “ wrote Qazi in a tweet.

Meanwhile, the government representatives slammed PDM for being an accomplice in the spread of COVID-19 in the Peshawar and KP region. Dr. Arsalan Khalid, the focal person to Prime Minister Imran Khan, in his tweet condemned the ignorant attitude of the opposition rally who he says are adamant to conduct political rally despite the second wave of coronavirus hitting Pakistan.

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“PDM should be dealt with as criminals as this right now is the most crucial time which will decide the extent of 2nd wave in Pak. Bringing ppl from other cities to hotspots, sending them bk with the infection will spread it to the extent that nothing could b done then. #PDMSpreadingCOVID” wrote Khalid in a tweet on Sunday.

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