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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

iOS 18 to Introduce Generative AI as “Apple Intelligence”

Apple's iOS 18 is poised to introduce "Apple Intelligence," leveraging AI to enhance productivity and simplify tasks across system applications, as reported by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. The update promises features like AI-generated web page summaries in Safari and advanced editing capabilities in the Photos app, alongside privacy-focused measures.

According to a recent report by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, Apple is set to unveil AI-driven features for iOS 18 at the upcoming WWDC keynote on Monday. These features, collectively branded as “Apple Intelligence,” leverage the AI acronym creatively.

Apple aims to enhance productivity and simplify daily tasks through these innovations. AI integration will be widespread across Apple’s system applications. For example, in Safari, the AI can generate summaries of web pages. In Messages and Mail, users will benefit from enhanced reply suggestions and AI-driven algorithms that organize emails more efficiently, ensuring a cleaner inbox. Messages will also provide summarized notifications.

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Apple’s Photos app is set to receive advanced editing capabilities, including a feature similar to Google Photos’ Smart Eraser tool. Significant enhancements are also anticipated for Siri and Xcode, particularly in code compilation, although these upgrades are expected to be publicly available next year.

However, Apple’s updates aren’t solely focused on productivity. The introduction of generative AI will let you make emojis in real-time, tailored to the context of the user’s text. This feature will enable users to employ emojis not listed by the Unicode consortium.

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Gurman reports that Apple plans to utilize both on-device and cloud computing for some of its AI functionalities, with OpenAI playing a role in the development of these tools.

Apple is addressing concerns about privacy breaches associated with cloud computing through various measures. The company intends to employ confidential computing designs for processing data, refrain from creating user profiles from customer data, and ensure transparency about how user data is utilized.