iPhone 13 rumors: Everything we know so far!

Apple is yet to unveil its plans for the new iPhone. However, analysts and Netizens are speculating that the latest addition will be an iPhone 13, and will be released sometime later this year.

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Rumors are circulating on social media regarding Apple’s latest addition to the iPhone series. While the name has not been confirmed yet, it is being speculated that it will be called iPhone 13.

It is also being alleged that the phone will be called Apple 12s and will focus on improving the features already introduced with the 12 series. However, as per rumors, iPhone 13 seems to be the popular term going around on social media.

The expected release date for iPhone 13 is being set for September due to Apple’s history of typically releasing new phones in that month.

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As the actual image of the iPhone 13 has not been released, people are introducing their own concept models. According to analysts, four models of the Apple iPhone will be released this year: the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max- just like the iPhone 12 lineup.

Due to the pandemic, the company faced component shortages. Such shortages increase the price of the finished product but analysts think that Apple will maintain the pricing of the current generation starting at $700 for the mini.

As for the color options, a pink iPhone 13 was leaked. However, the word was being spread about a sleek, matte black color option, as reported by EverythingApplePro on Youtube.


iPhone 13 battery and camera

According to a rumor from a Chinese social media platform Weibo in early June, the iPhone 13 lineup will feature larges batteries than the iPhone 12 lineup. Leaked specifications claim a 2,406mAh battery for the iPhone 13 Mini, going up to 3,905 mAh for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, and 4,325mAh for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

While this may seem like an upgrade, it must be noted that battery life is not the same as battery capacity, so it’s possible that the increase in iPhone 13’s battery size will not necessarily mean a longer battery life.

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For the camera, the biggest rumor is an improvement to the super wide-angle lens. At the moment the aperture of the super-wide on the iPhone 12 is f2.4, but a report seen by MacRumors suggests that the aperture will be f1.8 on the next model.