Iqrar-ul-Hassan rebuts accusations of anti-Pakistan campaign

As Twitteratis accuse him of running an anti-Pakistan campaign due to his comments regarding the Minar-e-Pakistan incident, Iqrar-ul-Hassan takes to social media to debase all such claims.

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Pakistani journalist Iqrar-ul-Hassan is receiving immense flak on social media as Twitteratis accuse him of running an anti-Pakistan campaign with his comments. While interviewing Ayesha Akram, the victim of the Minar-e-Pakistan incident, Iqrar-ul-Hassan said he thanks God for not being blessed with a daughter due to the rising sex crimes against women in Pakistan.

The comment did not go well with Twitteratis and they accused him of running an anti-Pakistan campaign. The accusations also come as social media users claim that the recent incident at Minar-e-Pakistan was a publicity stunt. Therefore, the stunt aimed to run an anti-Pakistan campaign.

Taking to social media, Iqrar-ul-Hassan debased all such claims. On his official Twitter account, he shared a notice calling for the suspension of top police authorities. According to Iqrar-ul-Hassan, if the Minar-e-Pakistan incident was a “drama” then the government of Punjab would never have taken such strict measures.

“If Ayesha fabricated the Minar-e-Pakistan incident, then why the suspension order?” Iqrar-ul-Hassan tweeted.

After the incident, authorities issued a transfer and suspension order for Lahore DIG Operations Sajid Kayani, SSP Operations, Additional SP Operations exchange, local SDPO, and SHO.

According to Twitteratis, Pakistan is a safe place for women, however, journalist Iqrar-ul-Hassan, along with Pakistani content creator Yasir Shami portrayed a negative image of Pakistan by their decision to interview Ayesha Akram.

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Iqrar-ul-Hassan denies accusations

Netizens also claimed that Iqrar-ul-Hassan interviewed the victim for ratings. Social media users voiced their anger at Iqrar-ul-Hassan’s comments as he interviewed Ayesha Akram. They also ran a Twitter trend demanding his arrest.

In response, the journalist uploaded a video on Daily Pakistan and denied all allegations. He stated that he only interviewed the girl after finding out that she had registered an FIR.

According to Iqrar-ul-Hassan, it was remarkable that after such a harrowing incident, the girl had the courage to register an FIR. Usually, the victims of sexual assault remain silent over such incidents, Iqrar-ul-Hassan said.

“Shami and I were inspired by the girl and wanted to help her,” Iqrar-ul-Hassan said.

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Therefore, Iqrar-ul-Hassan went with Sham, to interview Ayesha Akram, the victim of the Minar-e-Pakistan incident.

Iqrar-ul-Hassan also addressed the criticism he received for showing Ayesha Akram’s face in the interview. On such sensitive issues, the interviewers hide the victim’s identity. However, Iqrar-ul-Hassan clarified it was Ayesha’s decision to show her face.

Furthermore, Iqrar-ul-Hassan condemned the people saying that Ayesha Akram brought the ordeal on herself. He stressed that under no circumstances anyone should ever sexually assault a woman.

He further urged people to stop calling the incident a conspiracy to malign Pakistan’s image, as incidents of sexual assault do happen in Pakistan.

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