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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Is Esra Bilgic the new face of Khaadi?

Turkish Actress Esra Bilgic has been extremely popular in Pakistan ever since the broadcast of Turkish series Dirilis Ertugrul in Pakistan in which she played a leading role of Halime Sultan-the Seljuk warrior princess.

Esra Bilgic — Ertugrul famed Turkish actress — has won over another Pakistani brand ‘Khaadi’. The clothing brand Khaadi has reportedly signed off Esra Bilgic as its new brand ambassador.

Esra Bilgic & Khaadi

Both Esra and Khaadi have followed each other’s official Instagram account. If reports are to be believed, Khaadi will be the third Pakistani brand to sign Ertugrul sensation, Esra Bilgic as its brand ambassador. Turkish Actress Esra Bilgic has been extremely popular in Pakistan ever since the broadcast of Turkish series Dirilis Ertugrul in Pakistan in which she played a leading role of Halime Sultan-the Seljuk warrior princess.

Besides her impeccable performance of Halime Sultan, Esra Bilgic received massive praise in Pakistan for her ethereal beauty and quintessential persona that amplifies her charm among her Pakistani fans. That’s why a number of leading Pakistani brands rushed in to sign Esra Bilgic aka Halime Sultan as their brand ambassador.


Currently, Esra Bilgic is working with Pakistan’s leading cellular network, Jazz 4G. Esra Bilgic is now gracing the Pakistani TV screens regularly, through various commercials of Jazz 4G. But even before signing off contract with Jazz 4G, Esra Bilgic made a remarkable entry on Pakistani TV screens through the expensive commercial of Qmobile.

Jazz 4G’s engaging campaign with Esra Bilgic

In a new video circulating on social media, Turkish actress Esra Bilgic is seen tasting different Pakistani foods. The Ertugrul famed Turkish actress Esra Bilgic tasted a variety of Pakistani food to select her favourite Pakistani dish.

The video shows Esra Bilgic ate Gol Gappay, Chicken Karahi, Daal Chawal, Jalebi, and Chicken Biryani. In the video, she says ‘Hi guys, I am Esra. Today I am going to try top Pakistani dishes to pick my number 1 Pakistani dish. Let’s get started.” While trying out biryani Esra said, “Hmm delicious. It’s good, yummy. Yeah. But it’s so hot, so spicy.”

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Esra Bilgic then had Chicken Karahi. “Chicken Karahi is the next one.” But Esra found it extremely spicy. After trying all other dishes, Esra picked Chicken biryani as her Number 1 dish. She said, “It’s delicious. Wow. I like it. It’s my number 1, I thing. Yup. Yeah, it’s my number 1.”



At the end of the video, Esra says, ‘Hi guys, I have tried all the dishes. Chicken biryani is the best without a doubt.”

The 27-year-old Ankara-based Turkish model Esra Bilgic has followed the trail of Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor-Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Mahira Khan in being signed off the face as brand ambassadors for Pakistani mobile brand and cellular network.

Brand ambassador of Jazz

Esra Bilgic, who has recently become the brand ambassador of Pakistan’s leading telecommunication network, Mobilink Jazz, wished Pakistani fans on Independence Day. In a video message, Esra said, “I am Esra Bilgic and on this 14th August, I would like to personally wish you all Jashn-e-Azadi Mubarak. Pakistan Zindabad.” Esra Bilgic is known for playing the role of a quintessential Seljuk warrior princess, Halime Sultan in the famous Turkish serial Dirilis Ertugrul.

Pakistan’s leading telecommunication network, Mobilink Jazz 4G, had hired Halime Sultan from Ertugrul – Esra Bilgic – as its brand ambassador a month ago.



The telecommunication brand released a promotional image of the actress on social media that has triggered massive interest from followers. Turkish actress Esra Bilgic is not seen clearly in the image as she is wrapped around a red piece of floating cloth. As Mobilink Jazz 4G released her picture, Esra Bilgic also posted her image on her Instagram account. “I think it’s time to tell the world.#Dunyakobatado  #JazzSuper4G,” she captioned her picture.

Esra Bilgic in Qmobile’s advertisement

Similarly, her Qmobile ad has minted more than half a million views on YouTube. The Qmobile ad features Esra Bilgic as a raging princess- the extension of her symbolic onscreen character-Halime Sultan from Dirilis Ertugrul. Esra Bilgic is playing herself in the ad and is seen filming sword-fight scenes in the advertisement. The action-packed advertisement was shot in at the famous Çırağan Palace, a 19th-century Ottoman palace which has now been turned into a five-star Kempinski hotel in Istanbul. The ad is directed by award-winning Turkish filmmaker Umut Aral.

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Now Khaadi has reportedly become the third brand to sign Esra Bilgic-fans are anxiously waiting to see how the Pakistan’s leading clothing and retail brand, Khaadi will improvise an interesting promotional campaign with Turkish beauty.