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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Is it possible to survive the aggressive Hindutva reign of terror?

The term Hindutva unites Hindus of India based on the belief in India as a "holy land". Thus by this definition, only Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains are entitled to call themselves "Hindu" whereas Muslims and Christians are excluded from this definition.3 Thus the definition suggests for reconverting Muslims and Christian into Hinduism, else stripping them off their citizenship.

“Kashi aur Mathura main bhi jhanda ab lehrana hain.” “Hindustan mai rehna hai to “Jai Shri Ram kahna hoga.”Given this kind of determinism where the future of Indian Muslims is cut out for them that they would have to sing in praise of Jai Shri Ram, concede to forfeit all the historical mosques built in the early eras there can not be the feasibility of survival. But for, the restoration of the sanity of Hinduism of the masses. The failure to check inflation or provide jobs had so disenchanted the Italians that they attended the massive rally but hung Mussolini and his wife from the electric pole, the Hindutva reign is no less.

Dr. Munje along with Dr Hegdewar laid the foundation of the greatest terrorist organization in the history of the country. What led them to this was how to kill Muslims in mass casualties. Munje went and met Mussolini and other Indian leaders in this quest.  Since then they have successfully experimented with all kinds of lethal weapons. This went unnoticed by and large until the ambassador of Hindu Muslim unity Mohammad Ali Jinha returned from England. He saw the naked truth that Mahatma Gandhi had rightly welcomed Jinnah but he was a good devote Hindu and was also a puzzle.

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Understanding the matter better

Other leaders Like Jawahar Lal Nehru were secular but had no foresight like Jinnah of what the future held for the Muslims in the subcontinent. Erudite Maulana Azad differentiated himself with reservations about partition. Therefore the Hindutva/RSS/Hindu Mahasabha juggernaut has continued. Sometimes the fickle-minded RSS boss Mohan Bhagwat changes the color like a chameleon, his walrus mustache, eery eyes and knowing smiles of a conspirator ingratiating.

The conclave of RSS in the first week of September 2015 would parallel the Spanish civil war situation. A democratic government vowed to hold the Constitution of the Republic flouted all the norms of the Parliamentary democracy by its PM and his ministers by attending the conclave to defend their policy and work in an office instead of the floor of the Parliament. Among its deliberation, there was Sakshi Maharaj asking for unconstitutional means to curb the population of Muslims. Nay, the firebrand Parvin Togadia asked for the strictest measure to declare Muslims producing a third child as an act of crime. “

[The government] must also implement the two-children [sic] norm irrespective of the political pressures. Rather than subsidizing each birth of a Muslim kid, it is must that after two children, there has to be the strictest curb. Perhaps a punishable criminal offence and stopping the ration, jobs, (and) educational facilities will streamline the population facilitation towards better development.” This is the same Togadia who sat in the clinic of VHP leader Jaideep Patel during the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 and monitored the reports coming in of mass casualties of Muslims at the hands of the extremist Hindus.

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Now he wants to make it a law like the proclamation of Pharaoh that all children should be extinct after the birth of the first two. The UNO Convention against Genocide clearly mentions it as a crime against humanity in the same way as the killing of Muslim children and fetuses during the pograms of 2002.  Thereafter Modi went on to win the election by creating paranoia over the fecundity of Muslims: “When we allocate funds for Becharaji, [the Congress] do not like it. And if we bring Narmada waters in the month of Shravan, then too they say they dislike it. So what should we do? Do we go and run relief camps? Should we open child-producing centers?

“We want to firmly implement family planning. Hum paanch, humare pachees (We five, our 25) (laughs). Who will benefit from this development? Is family planning not necessary in Gujarat? Where does religion come in its way? Where does community come in its way?
And come to The Kashmir File circa today “Jahan par humara ghar baar tha, wahan par humara ghar baar phir se hoga. Yeh jo apna sankalp hai us ki purti ke liye ab bahut din baki nahi hain (It will not take long in fulfillment of our pledge to have our houses again in our native land).”

RSS Chief, Mohan Bhagwat speaks for the Mega Navreh Celebrations.

A speech for Kashmiri Hindus. Referring to their pain and agony of getting displaced, he said it was not new, but it had been going on for the past three-four decades. “Though we have scattered all over the world, Kashmir remains an integral part of India,” he said, adding that the situation was changing.

Recalling his earlier address to the migrants on Shivratri in Delhi in 2011, he said: “You had pledged to return home then, but that was not the right time. I had then told you that the problem would be solved only through public awakening. Due to the efforts from all of us in the past 11 years, the path for your return has brightened as the hurdles like Article 370 are not there today.”

Speaking at a gathering of seers in Haridwar on April 13 2022 RSS boss Mohan  Bhagwat held out a threat to the minority Muslims, of course, “Bharat ko ab bada hona hi hai….Dharma ka utthan hi Bharat ka utthan hai…Bharat jo apne utthan ki patri pe chal pada hai usko paaye bina ab rukna nahin hai. Isko rokne wale ya toh hat jayengae ya mit jayengae….yeh nahin rukne wala. Yeh aisi gadi hai iska accelerator hai break nahin hai (India has to now grow big. The rise of ‘Dharma’ is the rise of India. There’s no stopping India, which has launched itself on the track of rising and upliftment. Those who try to stop it will either step aside of be eliminated. This is a vehicle that has an accelerator but no brakes).

“We will talk about non-violence but we will carry a stick in our hand. We have no enmity in our mind but world heeds to power. Therefore, we should have power which is visible.”


Mustafa Khan holds a Ph.D. on Mark Twain. He lives in Malegaon Maharashtra, India. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.