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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Is Modi govt selling donated oxygen to Indians?

With #OxygenChorModi, images and videos have surfaced on the internet accusing the Modi government of pasting India's Reliance Company's label on donated oxygen cylinders.

In a new blow to Indians, the Modi government is now accused of selling donated oxygen to its citizens during this devastating Covid crisis currently in India.

Videos and pictures have emerged on social media where it can be seen two men pasting an Indian company’s label, called Reliance, on an oxygen tank, allegedly from Saudi Arabia.

While India is facing its Covid crisis where the death toll surpassed 3,214,706, it is also facing a mass oxygen shortage.

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Many countries came forward to help India by donating oxygen tanks, medical supplies, and Covid kits. Saudi Arabia was one of the many countries to aid India by donating 80 metric tons of oxygen.

However, people believe that the Indian government is selling the same oxygen tanks sent by Saudi Arabia by changing the label stickers with India’s famous conglomerate Reliance.


Social media users have voiced their anger at the Modi government’s failure to facilitate the Indians. The government is also accused of exploiting its people by charging high prices for all medical equipment, especially during the Covid crisis in India.

Last Saturday, Indian Finance Ministry announced that the 28% GST on oxygen concentrators received as gifts or ordered online will be slashed to 12%. However, according to Indians, the 12% GST is still unfair as important medical equipment should be free.

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Reaction from the masses

The #OxygenChorModi is trending on Twitter as the videos and images of Reliance company switching labels have caused a debate among the people.

Many people have expressed their anger and disbelief at the situation while stating that PM Modi has always done wrong to the Indian population.


However, there are many Indians who are also of the view that this is propaganda against the Hindus. They have also defended Reliance company and claimed that the images are fake.

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In addition to this, the images have also sparked a debate among Muslims and Hindus where Muslims are claiming that Islam would never have “double-crossed” people like this in their time of need.

On the other hand, Hindus in India are claiming that Muslims have always been supported in India and the images are an attack against the Hindutva ideology.