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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Islamabad Traffic Police introduces traffic awareness campaign

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All over the capital city of Islamabad, traffic police personnel were deployed as the Traffic Police launched a `Road Safety Awareness’ campaign with the aim to educate motorists and pedestrians aware of traffic rules. The purpose of the campaign, as described by SSP Traffic Police ICT Malik Matloob, is to ensure safety for motorcyclists and prevent any road mishap by educating motorists about the use of helmets and the safe road environment, he said.

On the first day of Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) road safety awareness campaign, SSP Ahmed said that the week-long campaign was organized in the city and was inaugurated by IG Islamabad Dr. Sultan Azam Temuri. The traffic officers and wardens have been directed to educate vehicle drivers particularly motorcyclists on the city roads.

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He said most accidents took place due to negligence, reckless driving and speeding, unfamiliarity with rules, mechanical failures on major thoroughfares, defective traffic engineering, bad road conditions, inadequate pedestrian facilities, encroachments, lengthy court proceedings and a slow response to an emergency.

To resolve the issues, he said, the traffic department had decided to adopt concrete measures. The effective and successful policing was impossible without the cooperation of media and public, he mentioned.

99 percent of bikers die after sustaining injuries in road accidents, mainly because they are not wearing safety gear.

The SSP assured traffic police for full cooperation from his side while implementing traffic laws in the city. He appealed to the general public to cooperate with the traffic police and follow traffic rules. He also claimed that 99 percent of bikers die after sustaining injuries in road accidents, mainly because they are not wearing safety gear.

The traffic rules and regulations are made for the safety of the public so all youngsters should follow them for their protection. They should also wear helmets, seat belts and avoid riding a motorcycle on one-wheel, he added. Pamphlets and booklets about traffic awareness will also be distributed among citizens, he added.

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He also mentioned that community and friendly policing was their focus at the time of inception of ITP and this idea was implemented in true letter and spirit. The Inspector General also appreciated the performance of ITP force and hoped for further innovation in it.

Last year, the Islamabad Traffic police renewed their campaign against the use of pressure horns on roads. Squads of Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) took down pressure horns from several trucks and public service vehicles.

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The police said the drive was aimed at reducing noise pollution in the city. ITP chief SSP Malik Matloob said they were working to make Islamabad a city free from road accidents and noise pollution on roads. The police have advised all road users to strictly adhere to traffic rules, particularly the use of proper ETO-issued number plates, seat belts and helmet for bikers.

ITP said a total of 10,010 bikers had been penalized in first 15 days of the new year for driving without a helmet. Another 3,768 drivers faced action for not using a seat belt while 2,206 drivers were penalized for using improper and fancy number plates. Police issued 2,621 tickets for using mobile phones while driving. A total of 757 motorbikes and vehicles were impounded in police stations for various traffic rules violations in the 15-day period.