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Friday, February 16, 2024

Islamabad Traffic Police takes strict action against Tinted glass

Islamabad Traffic police initiates mega drive against tinted glasses in the federal capital. SSP Islamabad Traffic Police gave imperative advises leaving no space for citizens to resist the movement.

Islamabad Traffic Police has begun a mega anti-tinted glasses campaign in Islamabad, taking strict action against the violators.

SSP Traffic Police, Farrukh Rashid, apprised the Islamabad’s citizens on Twitter in a series of tweets. He informed that the campaign against tinted glasses is started to ensure the safety and security of the citizens.



He informed that heavily tinted glassed hinders the duty of the police officers in identifying the suspects in criminal cases or victims in accidents. Also, a fully tinted black car can intimidate people as well.

He further explained that while black tinted glasses are a security hazard they are a threat to the safety of the driver and other road users. Since black tinted glasses obstruct the clear view of the road in the rear and side-view mirrors.

He asserted that while people use black tinted glasses for a multitude of reasons- family’s privacy or to control the temperature of the car, the safety of the citizens cannot be comprised. He asked people to cooperate with the police officials.

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He, however, gave an interesting suggestion that drivers must wear glasses if glare is a problem and crank up the air conditions in the car to reduce the temperature under the sun. But Islamabad Traffic Police will not bend down on the security of Islamabad for even 1%.



According to the reports, Islamabad Traffic Police has even fined people as per law in the campaign.

Aggressive efforts are being taken to keep in check the crime rate in the city. Islamabad Police has arrested 18 persons in the crackdown against the criminal elements in the city. In the last 24 hours, Police have seized sizeable narcotics and weapons from the arrested criminals from various areas of the city including Bara Kaho, Bani Gala, Industrial Area, Shams Colony, Khanna, and Sihala.


The seized material includes wine bottles, hashish, and 30-bored pistols. Police spokesperson informed that cases have been registered against the criminals and further investigation is underway.