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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Israel’s open fire policy and human rights don’t go hand in hand

The writer believes that the serious human rights and international law infringements by Israel may comprise of atrocities or wrongdoings against humankind and need to be addressed immediately. 

Israel kept on growing illicit settlements and related frameworks in the occupied West Bank, as well as in East Jerusalem, by legitimizing stations constructed without Israeli state approval, plus on private Palestinian land.

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Another George Floyd?

The nation kept on forcing standardized oppression against Palestinians living under its regulation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).

Recently, the murder of an autistic Palestinian by Israeli police has started a protest, drawing juxtaposition with the death of African-American George Floyd in the United States. As many believe both were killed by the arrogance of racism prevailing in the United States and Israel.

A 32-year-old Iyad al-Halaq was on his way to volunteer at a school in the old city of Jerusalem. Police chased and shot him dead without any warrant or proof.

The mother of the boy, “Rana al-Halaq”, said: “They shed the blood of an innocent young man who did not experience much from this life … he was one of God’s weakest creatures.”

This is not the first time Israel has committed war crimes or human rights violations.

Norvergence has created a full report on it

In 2018, between March 30 and November 19, Israeli security forces slaughtered 189 Palestinian demonstrators, including 31 kids and 3 clinical laborers, and injured more than 5,800 with live fire.

Demonstrators tossed rocks and “Molotov mixed drinks,” utilized slingshots to fling shots, and propelled kites bearing combustible materials, which caused huge property harm to nearby Israeli property. Officials continuously fired on nonconformists who constituted no threat to life, as per far-reaching open-fire orders from senior authorities that contradict international human rights law.

B’tselem, an Israeli human rights group, created a full report that was released in January 2019 regarding the killing of Palestinians by Israel.

The report said that Israel has an open fire policy. “These incidents are a direct result of Israel’s reckless open-fire policy, authorized by the government and the top military command, and backed by the judicial system.”

As long as Israel adheres to this policy, despite its predictable outcomes, the casualties will continue to mount.

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Norvergence: Israel War Crimes in Gaza and West Bank

As of November 11, 2019, Israeli forces murdered 71 and injured 11,453 Palestinians in Gaza, OCHA revealed. An extra 33 were slaughtered and 114 harmed, as indicated by al-Mezan, during raised battling between November 12 and 14.

In the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, Israeli security forces slaughtered 23 Palestinians and injured around 3,221, including those suspected of assaulting Israelis, yet also, bystanders and demonstrators.

Norvergence: United Nations Report

In early 2019, UN human rights experts said that there are high chances that Israeli soldiers had committed war crimes on the Gaza Border in 2018. The commission report found sensible grounds to accept that individuals from the Israeli security forces, over the span of their reaction to the protests, executed and harmed citizens who were neither straightforwardly partaking in threats nor representing an impending danger.

These serious human rights and international law infringements may comprise of atrocities or wrongdoings against humankind and need to be addressed immediately.

George Stacey is an environmentalist working with Norvergence LLC, a US-based NGO. His team at Norvergence LLC is currently focusing on environmental degradation happening across the world. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.