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Monday, May 20, 2024

Jacinda Ardern’s Video Recapping Achievements Put Pressure On PM Khan

The social media users across the world hailed PM Ardern spectacular achievement within two years in office, has beefed up pressures on the already struggling government of PTI to pace up performance.

A video of New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, of briefing her government’s achievements in two years went viral. In a short video, Ardern recapped her two years in the office, rattling off some of her party’s biggest achievements to date. The video has pinged around the world successfully, with citizens in other countries encouraging their premiers to take up the same challenge.

Jacinda Ardern, while sitting on her desk in her office, started with achieving a milestone of creating 92,000 jobs, banned semi-automatic and assault rifles, built more than 2200 state houses, introduced the zero carbon bill, deployed over 1600 new police officers, and banned single-use plastic bags.

She also spoke about the 140 million trees that were planted, the free lunches in schools program, and increased wages for police, nurses, and teachers.

The video gained immense attention in countries like Australia, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe.

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Much of her achievements matched what PM Khan intends to do in the future. Pakistani social media users pointed out that Jacinda Arderns achievements echo the election manifesto of PTI implying that the ruling party had been following New Zealand’s Labour Party’s manifesto. They pointed out that while PM Ardern achieved the goals within two years, PTI is still struggling to achieve promised goals despite more than one year in the government.

Pakistani social media users praised flawless leadership skills of Jacinda Ardern of providing maximum relief to her people in the shortest possible time. They hailed her true ‘people’s leader’. They also schooled Prime Minister Imran Khan to follow Jacinda Ardern and pace up to deliver his promised goals as soon as possible for people’s welfare.

Nevertheless, the current government might be moving with a snail-speed, they have are gradually stepping towards achieving their goals. Plantation of trees under the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Project, the construction of state-owned houses under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme are in process with the recent promulgation on plastic bags in Islamabad and across Pakistan.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has recently launched an ambitious project of Seylani Welfare Trust Langer’ (soup kitchen) which will serve free food to destitute, under his ambitious poverty-reduction ‘Ehsaas’ program.