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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Japan Includes Pakistan in a List of Top 10 Friendly Countries

Pakistan and Japan are planning to solidify further the friendly brotherly and trade relations in the future. Pakistan, after inclusion, can reap more benefits from Japan's strong economy and technology market.

Japan has included Pakistan in the list of top 10 friendly countries and looks forward to assisting Pakistan in development activities, asserted the Japanese Ambassador to Pakistan Kuninori Matsuda while addressing the annual meeting of Pakistan-Japan Business Forum earlier this week.

He emphasised that Karachi has an untapped potential for economic activities, reminiscing a time when Karachi was the hub of entertainment and cultural activities, and many young people from across the world including from Japan visited the city in the 1960s.

Besides the automobile sector, the Japanese ambassador identified several other sectors of fishing, agriculture, food, pharmaceutical, energy, tourism, education, logistics for trade partnership between Japan and Pakistan.

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“Japan is already cooperating with Pakistan in food, agriculture and fisheries’ sectors,” he said. He informed the Business Forum that arrangements are made for Pakistani youth to seek ample employment opportunities in Japan, referring to the recent agreement signed between Japan and Pakistan on the trading of the skilled workforce.

“Skilled workforce is necessary for development, hence, Japan is facilitating Pakistan in training and educating the manpower in areas of civil engineering, science, and technology,” he said. He informed that Japan is considering to further shore up investment in Pakistan’s automobile sector in the future.

The President of Pakistan-Japan Business Forum, Sohail Ahmed, remarked that the current worth of trade between Pakistan and Japan is $2 million for the past decade. But with concerted efforts, the partnership between the two countries can be made more worthwhile.

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“Currently, 86 Japanese companies are operating in Pakistan,” he said. “In 2019, two more Japanese enterprises have begun operations here,” asserted Ahmed.

He also counted on the benefits of the recent agreement signed between the two countries on the trading of the workforce and skilled labor, adding that Japan required manpower and Pakistan’s youth could suffice the need of Japan.

Japan and Pakistan have recently reached an agreement in which Japan has pledged to open the gateway to hundreds and thousands of opportunities for Pakistani skilled manpower, giving them a chance to earn decent earning.