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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Javed Latif slammed for sexist remarks on Bushra Bibi

Twitter condemns sexist remarks of PMLN leader Javed Latif against Bushra Bibi the wife of PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

He passed crude remarks against Bushra bibi in a press conference following the police operation at the Zaman Park residence of Imran Khan. Police did an operation on his house in his absence when he left for Islamabad to attend a court hearing.

Imran Khan in his speech condemned the police action on his residence in Lahore. He said that Bushra Bibi was alone at home when police attacked the house.

Commenting on his statement, Javed Latif said, He states, “The 72-year-old boy is saying that my 75-year-old wife was alone in the house in Zaman Park. The chaadar and the sanctity of the four walls have been violated.” He continued, “If she was alone in the presence of 200 terrorists. Should she be surrounded by four or five thousand armed people for him to consider her safe?”

The statement made rounds on social media and was even shared on the official Twitter page of PMLN. The condemnation poured in from all sections on social media including Aurat March Karachi.

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Aurat March Karachi issued a statement, quote tweeting the clip in concern. “We strongly condemn such sexist remarks against Bushra Bibi by a government representative,” stated the feminist group. “It is disgusting that political parties have normalized sexist attacks on women from opponent groups.”

“That this statement is coming from the party of Maryam Nawaz, who herself remains a victim of sexist slurs is all the more concerning,” continued the official statement. “We demand the government and all political parties stop this misogynist tradition which targets women due to their gender. Such practice should lead to strict punitive action by [the] government as well as Election Commission.”