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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Javed Miandad says he made Imran Khan the PM of Pakistan

While slamming the current government Javed Miandad said he made Imran Khan the prime minister. But it seems that he has lost his way. Miandad said ignorant people are running the affairs of Pakistan Cricket Board.

Legendary cricketer Javed Miandad slammed Prime Minister Imran Khan for bad governance in an interview on his YouTube channel. He also raised objections on the appointment in Pakistan Cricket Board.

While slamming the current government, Javed Miandad said he made Imran Khan the prime minister. But it seems that he has lost his way. Miandad said ignorant people are running the affairs of Pakistan Cricket Board.

“Inept people are serving at high-profile positions in the PCB,” said Miandad.

Former cricketer slams PM Khan

“You appointed a foreigner on a key position. What will happen when he flees the country after doing corruption? Is there a shortage of people in your own country that you had to bring people from abroad to work in the PCB?”

Javed Miandad, who was part of the winning squad of the 1992 World Cup, asked who will catch these foreigners if they flee the country after doing corruption in PCB. Moreover, he will call spade a spade if he joined politics.

The former cricketer also expressed annoyance on the decision of Prime Minister Imran Khan to end the departmental cricket. He went on to add that this decision has increased unemployment. “They [cricketers] should be playing cricket. You couldn’t create job opportunities for the people you promised before.”

Hence Javed Miandad believes that Imran Khan deprived players of their job. He also added that instead of hiring foreign professionals, Imran Khan must appoint local people to run the affairs of the Pakistan Cricket Board. Since there are lots of talented people within Pakistan who can efficiently run the institution.

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The former batsman added that he will be commenting on the politics from now on. “I will say what is right and condemn what is wrong,” he added. Moreover, he praised the Pakistan Army for keeping the country united. Javed Miandad also criticized the mistreatment of Sarfaraz Ahmed in the first test match between Pakistan and England.

Javed Miandad-Imran Khan rivalry

However, reports of cold war and rivalry between Javed Miandad and Imran Khan have been rife in the cricketing world since their glorious cricketing days from the 1980s and early 1990s.

Former cricketer, Basit Ali had made startling claims earlier that Prime Minister Imran Khan was the man behind the removal of Javed Miandad from the Pakistan cricket team in 1993. He said he was often compared to Javed Miandad. But he later realized that he was the pawn in the greater conspiracy to remove Javed Miandad.


“There was a conspiracy to remove Javed Miandad from the team (round 1993). That’s why I was compared with. Honestly, I was not even one percent of what Miandad was. I used to bat at number 4 and when Miandad was removed, they shifted me to number 6. At number 4, I used to average 55 and after they shifted me to 6, my performance went down. They knew that at that position, I would hardly ever get to bat. They gave me slow poison,” Basit Ali told Indian publication Times of India.

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“I was passionate about my game. I used to go for big shots and get out. My batting hardly used to come,” he added.

However, both Javed Miandad and Imran Khan have been refuting speculations of their cold war and professional rivalry. In fact, Javed Miandad proactively campaigned with Imran Khan and led charity events for the construction of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital.