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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Jeremy McLellan introduced his baby girl with a tribute to Nawaz Sharif

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Jeremy McLellan, an American comedian was blessed with a baby girl on 18 May.  An avid supporter of Pakistan, McLellan posted a picture of his newborn daughter on twitter and paid tribute to Pakistan’s ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif when he captioned the picture, ‘Mujhay Kyun Nikala.’ Earlier, he introduced his baby girl Jewel in a heartfelt message posted on Friday on Twitter.

His fans from Pakistan are very happy for him. Including Hamza Ali Abbasi and many others have extended their warm wishes for the wellbeing and prosperity of McLellan’s family. His followers from Pakistan thoroughly enjoyed his multiple posts taking a dig at Nawaz Sharif. These days, McLellan is sharing his experience of being a ‘father.’ He recently shared an adorable picture of him caressing his daughter Jewel.

He visited Pakistan in 2017 and since then he has been expressing his admiration for Pakistan, its culture and people.

There is also another reason for his inclination towards Pakistan – His sister, Rachel McLellan recently married an Australian-Pakistani Muslim cricketer Usman Khwaja. His interest in Pakistan has reached a whole new level as he has been facing accusations from Zionists as well as India several times.  He was accused of being paid to tweet in favor of Pakistan and Muslims from Zionists and Indians.

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An Indian blamed him of being a spy for Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency ISI after he strongly condemned the atrocities of the Indian government in Jammu and Kashmir.

He faced a similar backlash from his fellow Americans and Israel last week for posting pro-Palestine posts on Facebook and Twitter. People criticized him for aggressively advocating for the Palestinians when he is a comedian. Jeremy responded by stating,

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“People keep asking me why the name of this page is ‘Jeremy McLellan Comedy’ when I also post serious things about politics and religion. But that’s just the shortened name. The full name is “Jeremy McLellan Comedy And Politics And Religion And Pakistan And Palestine And Kashmir And My Wife And My Upcoming Baby And Whatever Else I Want To Talk About Okay. Now Leave Me Alone. Hope that helps!”

Leave it to Jeremy McLellan to make anything and everything funny.

Many Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. McLellan on the arrival of their newborn!