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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Karachi’s ‘Jack Ripper’ on stabbing spree

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At least nine women have been stabbed and seriously injured in the knife attacks by a lone bike rider who seems to be on the stabbing spree in Karachi. Fearlessly roaming the streets of the city, the attacker is in no mood to bring a halt to his insanity.

The Chase of Cat and Mice


In the past few days, an unknown bike rider, who is deemed by doctors as misogynist and potentially a psycho-patient has made a total of ten unprovoked attempts, all in the jurisdiction of Aziz Bhatti Police Station. Which also includes Karachi’s busiest road, Shahrah-e-Faisal and its adjoining areas Millennium Mall and particularly the first site of the incident, Gulistan-e-Jauhar.

Karachi’s East-Zone, Deputy Inspector General, a day before the last night attacks announced that the department has increased the deployment of police officials, in 30 areas of Gulistan-e-Jauhar.

While the women were immediately rushed to Jinnah Hospital, Seemi Jamali, hospital’s Executive Director, expressed her agitation over the mishandling of the issue by the Police and security officials.

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Does the attacker seem to be inspired by Jack the Ripper, who is known in British criminal history as the man who confessed killing five women?

The reasons, for horrific attempts, can be discerned once the authorities are able to grab this lone-rider. Rangers too are now involved to tackle this intractable issue which seems to fall above the capabilities of Sindh Police.

The attacks have initially been perceived as acts of personal animosity with the victims but soon the perceptions withered off as random women were attacked.

Gripped in fear, the city authorities sluggish response has put at risk thousands of females, who each day travel to their workplaces and educational institutes alone.

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Precautionary Measures

Whatever the reasons might be, be it a craving of adventurism, or a search of bagging cheap publicity, or just an attempt to avenge; criminal undisputedly carries the symptoms of psychological illness.

Therefore in such cases, it is mandatory to its peers and family to take precautionary measures without delays, in the form of consultation with doctors, to subvert any violent expression of unleashing the insanity.

The recent attack of stabbing female, in Finland, was a case of a group of people, who stabbed in a market area, whoever came in sight, Though causing several injuries, prompt actions from the Police, brought to justice all the culprits.

The reliance over security cameras could, therefore, help track such criminals, where the traditional means of intelligence have reached its limits. The authorities need to beef up their response and update its present technical surveillance system.