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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Young Karachiites pledge to save electricity and make their city clean

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Around 12,000 students in Karachi have pledged to save electricity after energy- supplying company, K-Electric, initiated a broad campaign to bring a behavioral change regarding the efficient consumption of electricity.

Various schools throughout Karachi have partnered with K-Electric in their aim of embedding this awareness among the students, who according to K-Electric are the energy efficient leaders of tomorrow.

Under the initiative, students are briefed about the ‘Do’s and Dont’s’ of the electricity conservation.

Through an engaging animated movie, students were informed about some essential energy conservation tips. Which included, the turning off all the electric appliances instead of leaving them on stand by, setting the temperatures of air condition between 24 to 26 degrees, switching off the light and fans in an empty room and relying as much as possible on natural sun light.

K-Electric has been the first electric company in Pakistan to offer its consumer’s energy conservation and energy efficiency programs.

The company has also signed a MoU with the provincial government of Sindh to collaborate in various other electricity conservation initiatives.

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Multiple Problems of Karachi

Uncontrolled Power outages and electricity shortage under harsh temperatures have been a cause of severe health problems for the residents. In particular, the poorest of the society have been bearing the implication with multiplied effect since they cannot afford the alternative means of the energy.

Amid the despair felt by the residents of Karachi over the inconvincible efforts made by the provincial government towards the solution of their problems, youth has finally come forward to take the ownership of their city.

Political instability and animosity between the local leadership and the provincial government are coming hard on the city’s ailing infrastructure and is also having a negative influence in terms of the health of its residents.

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The city has simultaneously been dealing with other debilitating problems, in particular, with traffic congestion, cleanliness, and contamination of roads with heaps of undisposed garbage topping the list.

Recently, a group of youth gathered to clean the garbage at Karachi beach, which if remain undisposed, eventually makes its way into the sea.

Youth finally taking the ownership of the city long abandoned by the power holders is not only a bail out for the solution of problems but also point towards the budding potential youth has in taking over the local failed leadership.

Energy Conservation in Pakistan

On the other hand, the federal government after making political-laden tall claims of ending all the energy crisis-related issues has finally called upon the opposition to collaborate with them.

The opposition has been asked to pour in their suggestions, the matter, however which still lies at the core is of its practical implementation.

In fact in Pakistan energy conservation has been remained for years an intangible matter with no laudable progress made in these year. It is also a matter in which there lie the coveted potential for the country to optimise its exacerbating energy crisis.

This idea of awareness can be projected at the national level to reap benefits on a massive scale. With coherent planning and resourceful support from the government, the behavioral changes can be brought.