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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Kate Middleton looked ‘Almost’ Pakistani in Shalwar Qameez

Kate Middleton rekindled memories of Princess Diana, drawing dressing inspirations from Princess Diana while preserving her unique elegance on tour to Pakistan.

Amid her social engagements in Pakistan, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s garb and dressing style is garnering immense attention on social media, leaving fans in awe. The social media users are convinced Kate Middleton has effortlessly taken on the ethereal persona of her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

Instead of picking up the western style, Kate Middleton chose to don traditional eastern outfits with a touch of latest ongoing local fashion trends on her visit to Pakistan, sparking a strong reflection of mother-in-law Princess Diana who wore the traditional outfit on her tours to Pakistan.

Kate descended the staircase from her plane in a double-shaded turquoise Kameez Shalwar from designer Catherine Walker, one of Diana’s cherished designer, upon her arrival to Pakistan last night. She paired the dress with her cream-colored high heels. Middleton wore earing from Pakistani brand ‘Zeen‘- the same earing she wore on her visit to Aga Khan Centre in London last week, worth Rs 835.

The dress had a striking resemblance to the long, light blue, button-up top, and trouser combo that Princess Diana wore during her tour to Pakistan in 1996.

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On Tuesday, Kate Middleton dazzled in blue silk outfit from Pakistani designer Maheen Khan, also called Pakistan’s Coco Chanel, upon her visit to Islamabad Model Girls College and a public school, which currently benefits from the “Teach for Pakistan” programme, a fast-track teacher training programme modelled on the UK’s successful “Teach First” scheme.

Kate Middleton wore an embroidered neckline Kameez with a trouser and a dupatta settled on the shoulder. Her blue dress gave the reflection of Diana’s other dress, a blue Shalwar Kameez which she wore. Princess Diana frequently wore blue-colored Kameez Shalwars on her tour to Pakistan.

The social media drew similarities between the dresses of two royal beauties-Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. Some asserted that Kate Middleton’s inspiration for the dress from Princess Diana is a sign of respect for her mother-in-law.


Princess Diana was a celebrated figure in Pakistan, who devoted a large part of her philanthropic activities in Pakistan, working for the betterment of underprivileged people in Pakistan. Princess Diana shared a unique bond with Pakistan and was a frequent visitor to the country. It would not be wrong to consider her the well-wisher of Pakistan. Now, Kate Middleton, gracefully channeling Princess Diana, has sparked sentiments of people of Pakistan.

Kate Middleton, once again amazed the people when she appeared to meet President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan in a white and green ensemble. While TRH Kate Middleton could have opted for western designers, she is wholeheartedly wearing and supporting Pakistani brands on her tour to Pakistan. Some calling it Kate Middleton wowing the colors of Pakistan’s flag.

Her look for high-profile meetings was designed by Pakistani designers. She wore a green tunic by Catherine Walker, white slacks by Pakistani designer Maheen Khan and a drape by local brand Satrangi, paired with Zeen’s earings.

Fashion watchers said the Duchess of Cambridge dresses appeared to show that she has used her wardrobe to exude the strong ties between the two countries. On the other hand, the royal observers gave a nod to the Duchess of Cambridge’s outfit as a respect for the traditions of a Muslim country.

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Catherine Walker first designed maternity dresses for Princess Diana when she was expecting Prince William, and in 1991 helped her make a diplomatic fashion statement when she created a pale pink sarong-style gown for a reception in Lahore.