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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Killings at Pathribal: Indian RSS led Terrorism exposed before World

The author thoroughly describes the mindset behind the RSS led Modi's regime that has turned vehemently against Muslims and how it has been hurting its minority citizens through terrorism and blaming it on Pakistan. Prime examples are Sikhs killings and Kashmir.

The sprouting 2019 commemoration of the terror attack of 9/11 had strange roots of foreign soil. Concern for brucellosis in livestock like goats and cows the PM Narendra Modi said even the mention of mouth and foot disease reminds some of om and cow, this obsessive-compulsive disorder is not a slip of tongue. National Animal Disease Control Programme (NADCP) and the memory of 9/11 do not mix well.

It is not Freudian slip of tongue, an unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings of the PM. It was a familiar jibe at the Muslims, to say the least, an insulting or mocking remark. Terrorism is so dominant in our talks that it intrudes all our action and phraseology whether it is our own which we attempt to hide and of those whom we hate and in between our own which we impute on others.

Cleaner operation that heals more easily is not exactly what is happening in Kashmir valley. Far from it. For the often-repeated assurance that normalcy will return is a hoax. Now the apprehension that such a huge amassing of the army and paramilitary forces is unrolling the next phase of the operation in the valley. And that is the sale of land for non-Kashmiri residents or citizens of the country. Mostly the rich corporates.

Scars of wounds in the Kashmir valley never die let alone from the minds and hearts, and now, eyes; but also nature that surrounds them. The March 2000 massacre of Sikhs against the walls of the Gurdwara (March 19, 2000) and the follow-up operation of killing five Muslims shepherds on 25th from Pathribal and throwing the blame on them. This was calculated to show President Bill Clinton that Pakistan was at it again. The “Operation Swift” acquired the notoriety as Pathribal killing was carried out at Zoni Tengri Hill by 7 Rashtriya Rifles regiment which fired 1,400 cartridges, five hand grenades, four shoulder-fired anti-tank rounds, mortars, and even a flamethrower at the meek shepherds who eked out an existence with other works like carpentry, etc. The scene at the massacre left even the poplar trees without bark.


Within just over a week the natives discovered that it was a fake encounter.

Fake Encounters of Kashmir and Gujarat, Mentor & Disciple

A month after the abrogation of article 370 and article 35A the deluge of information that is being covered by media has thrown up strange and disturbing facts. One is that the transformation of the army and paramilitary forces doing the bid of their political masters. This nuance in the attitude of once a professional and even secular force being traduced to wear the saffron badge of duty is a fact.

(No whit less was its role in the Pathribal killings). The forces turned away the local, state as well as free media from covering the events in preference for the nationalist and totally one-sided singing praise of normalcy in the valley. They taunt the people to give poison and not medicine to the ailing or wounded. In this historic time for the country, neither God nor Democracy is with them. Cause: falsehood.

Modi applauded the soldiers who had killed the five innocent villagers with excessive use of firepower at the scene that looked like a battlefield when in fact the victims bore the brunt of bullets, grenades for a long time.

The kind of howling and peremptorily commanding BBC by Arnab Goswamy “not to run,” as if the channel was physically winding up. “BBC you lied…no bullets had been fired…BBC caught lying…which BBC cameraman shot…centre of global fake news …got it from Rawalpindi…ten thousand Kashmiri protesters have been attacked…”

Such a raucous agitated presentation is the hallmark of nationalist media that is turning into the tower of Babel.

President Bill Clinton visited India during March 19-25, 2000 and Pakistan on 25. He had also gone to Poland accompanied by his secretary of state. Then God and Democracy were on the right side. He was reading his secretary of state Madeleine Albright’s book. Clinton gives the context which shows that he was seized of the situation in Kashmir as well as Poland. “When I rang, Madeleine was standing in a crowd that included the former Czech president Vaclav Havel and the current presidents of Ukraine and Poland. She passed the phone and placed a bouquet of flowers as a memorial to Solidarity and attended a three- hour open-air mass in celebration of freedom. I had caught her at a moment and in a place where God and democracy were together at center stage. Clinton’s arrival coincided with the massacre of Sikhs in Chittisinghpora in Kashmir.

In his talk later about the massacre, he referred it to India as well as in his visit to Pakistan. “During my visit to India in 2000, some Hindu militants decided to vent their outrage by murdering 38 Sikhs in cold blood. If I hadn’t made the trip, the victims would probably still be alive. If I hadn’t made the trip because I feared what religious extremists might do, I couldn’t have done my job as President of the United States.’’

The eerie silence of PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah is in contrast. It is veritable complicity in what he and his government was doing all the while in 2002 and is doing now in 2019. Thereafter followed a continuing indefinite period of subversion of justice; Muslims were prevented to return to their own farms and houses after the massacre of 2002. In addition to these, they have faced difficulties of hovels which have been designed as refugee camps where they lack civic facilities.

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What will their prospects be in the new Kashmir when residents from outside the valley will overwhelm them by sheer number and amount of wealth!

It is visualized in what a Member of Parliament has articulated. Thol Thirumavalavan “To speak frankly, the Modi government is only meant for corporates and multi-national companies. Modi is a product of corporates. They are bound to do everything only for the welfare of corporates and MNCs. This decision is not meant for the people of India, it is meant only for the corporates. So, definitely, within a couple of years, all corporates will purchase Jammu and Kashmir—they will dominate, they will invest and will suck all the minerals and all-natural resources from there.”

There is also the same Nazi strategy of Adolf Hitler that the Modi government is following, namely. Lebensraum. Gujarat land transfer order namely the Gujarat Prohibition of Transfer of Immovable Property and Provision for Protection of Tenants from Eviction from Premises in Disturbed Areas Act, 1991—commonly known as the Disturbed Areas Act prevents the sale of land to Gujarati Muslims.

CM Vijay told the Economic Times, “A Hindu selling property to a Muslim is not okay. Muslim selling property to a Hindu is also not okay.” He added, “We have set this rule in areas where there have been riots to tell them (Muslims) that they must buy property in their own areas.” What is the difference between Gujarat and JK? RSS is perhaps the most beneficiary of the endowment of government land in the country.

A Muslim charged with terror crimes can spend 14, even 23, years in jail, before he steps out, innocent. A Hindu charged with terror is likely to soon walk free, and might even be elected to Parliament.

Although belated but a welcome ‘acceptance’ of what PM Narendra Modi said in the second week of September 2019: “Now terrorism has become an ideology which is not confined to the boundary of any nation. This is a global problem and has become a global threat whose deep roots are situated in our neighboring country and are flourishing there.”

The ancient trees everywhere including Pakistan have roots that have sprouted new trees for quite some years. This is true for both the neighbours, India and Pakistan. Moreover if terror is ideology it knows no boundary. Sonal Shah lived in America with her father. They collected money through their American Vishwa Hindu Parishad and sent it to India where it was used to fund the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat 2002 genocide. Barak Obama dropped Sonal from his campaign. The roots of terrorism are so strong in Gujarat that Praveen Togadia advocates that if Muslims buy houses in Hindu locality then Hindus must put a board of ABVP of VHP which would drive prospective Muslim buyers away.

Such is the terror in the names of the organizations. Tavleen Singh focuses on Jihadist terrorism that has changed the situation in Kashmir, she needs to remember that the attack in Mumbai was grafted terrorism. Six terrorists had sailed to coastal fishermen’s slums. Fisherwoman Anita Udaiya counted 6 of them landing at the shore. The remaining were different who also spoke Marathi.

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On March 25 the last day of Clinton visit the Home Minister LK Advani and Narendra Modi secretary of RSS were treated to the presentation of the brave soldiers who had finished the so-called five dreaded terrorists from Pakistan. Modi applauded the soldiers who had killed the five innocent villagers with excessive use of firepower at the scene that looked like a battlefield when in fact the victims bore the brunt of bullets, grenades for a long time.

The villagers found out more details of the fake encounter of the five and on April 3 they started their first mass protest against the killing of the shepherds. A crowd of 2000 marched to the district headquarters in protest. They were fired on in which 8 protestors lost their lives. This was the third killing. In all the three killings the victims were innocent. The killers were soldiers of the 7 Rashtriya Rifles.

Roots of Terror in Chuna Khadan Locality in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh

In view of the tit for tat terrorism, what role can anyone reasonably expect, then when Clinton was around and now when Donald Trump who has offered to help the neighbors to sort out their problems. Clinton said in Islamabad, “We cannot and will not mediate or resolve the dispute in Kashmir. Only you and India can do that through dialogue.”

Why has India singularly failed to engage Pakistan? Simply exchanging dossiers and blaming Pakistan all the time does not serve the purpose. It is also notable that Pakistan also has suffered tremendously due to terrorist attacks. The Samjhauta express attack is also a candid case that raises eyebrows in India when even Swamy Aseemanand confessed involvement. Why not our investigation agencies and courts come out clean on such matters.

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What is truth behind the Samjhauta attack and the fake encounters of Pathribal is true of Sohrabuddin, Ishrat Jahan, Haren Pandya, and the two Malegaon attacks. Always searching the roots in the neighborhood will blind us to how we are being snared by the python of terror without realizing that this would hypnotize us so much that it would swallow us into its mouth. We run the risk of the honest work done by Hemant Karkare and Vikash Narain Rai.

They are also sons of India. Rai had zeroed in on Sunil Joshi when he was killed, Indresh Kumar was behind it. Why do we have to be lectured by Imran Khan that RSS is behind all these and more? There is another dimension that the Indian Muslims suffer more as in the murder of Joshi. The strike called had traumatic, the effect was on them.

Furthermore, there is the complication that has the hallmark of the subcontinent. India rewarded the soldiers Rs 120, 000 for each so-called terrorist killed. LK Advani announced this in the presence of Modi. Neither the mentor nor his disciple has redeemed himself nor has he denied the truth of the fake encounter. Both perfected the art of simulation, the underlying mechanism that controls the behavior of a system. There is also a failure to define terror. That lynching is also an act of terror. “A Muslim charged with terror crimes can spend 14, even 23, years in jail, before he steps out, innocent. A Hindu charged with terror is likely to soon walk free, and might even be elected to Parliament. Criminal cases after the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots collapsed wholesale with barely a whimper of protest.”

Mustafa Khan holds a Ph.D. on Mark Twain. He lives in Malegaon Maharashtra, India. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Global Village Space’s editorial policy.