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Friday, April 12, 2024

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to start granting citizenship to foreigners

A royal decree issued by the Saudi King, Salman bin Abdul Aziz, has allowed Saudi citizenship to foreign nationals who are intellectuals and innovators in various fields, including aviation, oil and gas, arts, culture, sports, renewable energy, nuclear energy and others.

In a historic decree by Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will now grant citizenship to “innovators” and distinguished personalities from across the world.

Under this decree, Saudi nationality will be granted to innovators and distinguished professionals from a wide array of fields, including nuclear experts, scientists, Islamic intellectuals, and experts in the field of oil, medicine, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, ecology, pharmacology, culture, aviation, robotics, sports, arts, astronautics and more.

Saudi Nationality for Innovators

Tweeting from its official account, the Saudi Project underscored its vision, “This decision aims to attract scientists, intellectuals and innovators from all over the world to be the Kingdom of incubation and a huge scientific university proud of the Arab and Islamic worlds and be effective in building and developing the world.”

The Saudi Project added, “It intends to naturalize the “creative” and distinguished in all parts of the world, including medical, technical, forensic, and cultural and sports competencies.”

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hopes to attract professional experts in the fields of renewable energy, oil, and gas, technology, agriculture, medical science artificial intelligence, and others. Professionals from the fields of culture, sports, forensic, arts, and nuclear energy will also be encouraged to apply for Saudi citizenship to “contribute and support the enhancement of Saudi competencies and knowledge that will benefit the general public”.

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As per the Kingdom’s wealth-sharing schemes, Saudi nationals are given economic benefits and stipends. The present Saudi citizenship decree allows the naturalization of foreign nationals who have been permanently residing in the Kingdom for at least five years.

The decree by King Salman bin Abdul Aziz stated that “worldwide candidates who applied for the citizenship and meet the criteria will be granted citizenship”. Yemeni expats residing in the kingdom can also apply for Saudi nationality.

This decree also extends to the members of displaced Saudi tribes, and residents who have Saudi parents but do not possess Saudi passports and identity documents. It will also aid children born to Saudi mothers and fathers who are foreign nationals.

Experts and opinion-makers believe that this royal decree by King Salman will prove monumental in empowering the Kingdom and diversifying its economic growth and culture.

It is being regarded as a dynamic initiative that will prove significant in translating the Kingdom’s 2030 vision. This decision will promote an environment of inclusivity, entrepreneurship, innovation, and collaboration, creating tremendous opportunities for the Kingdom to prosper.

Earlier in November, Saudi Arabia issued the first batch of its premium resident visas for engineers, doctors, and investors who seek to reside in the Kingdom. Under the program, foreign nationals and their families can enjoy long-term visas and privileges which were previously denied to foreigners.