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Friday, May 17, 2024

KP government to monetarily assist Peshawar National Games’ medalists

An impressive initiative to bolster sports in the province. The ministry vows to address the financial woes of athletes to encourage them to pursue their careers.

KP government has decided to support and honor the medal winners of recently concluded National Games to thrive sports in the province. Provincial Minister for Sports, Tourism, Youth, Culture, and Archaeology announced on his Twitter account.

In the initiative taken, gold medal winners will be given monthly honorarium of Rs.20,000, silver medals will be given Rs.15,000 and bronze medal will be given Rs.10,000.


Moreover, KP Sports Ministry will sponsor and provide monetary support to these players if they are selected for any international sports event. The Ministry of Sport is also planning to hire 100 coaches on the monthly salary of Rs.50,000-80,000 to professionally mentor and coach both male and female athletes.

The decision has been highly appreciated on social media. People commented that these efforts will help athletes support themselves and families. It will also encourage athletes to perform better.



KPK government has recently hosted Peshawar National Games after a break of nine years. As many as 10,000 athletes from across Pakistan participated in the event. Female athletes participated in 27 games while male athletes contested in 32 games. The vibrant pictures from the event floated on social media.

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The event commenced on 10th November and ended on 16th November with a colorful ceremony in which popular musician Salman Ahmed performed.

Before the beginning of the event, the pictures of male and female athletes practicing for the competition together are making rounds on social media. The administrator of the event Noorena Shams shared a glimpse of the determined players practicing extensively to win the competition on Twitter.

The viral pictures offered a rare representation of the city, which is contrary to the widely-held views about the city, and province specifically. Male and female athletes practicing together in the ground was an unexpected yet delightful sight since gender segregation is rampant in the city along with less inclusion of women in social spheres.

The event was successfully organized with the joint efforts of the Pakistan Olympic Federation and KP provincial authorities.