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Thursday, February 15, 2024

KP minister Taimur Khan blasts journalist for uncalled criticism

Benazir Shah had slammed the KP government for mediocre facilities for the Pakistani expatriates at the quarantine centers. But Minister Jhagra tweeted a befitting reply with evidential pictures.

Taimur Khan Jhagra, the finance and health minister, says his administration will entertain the constructive criticism and suggestions to improve in his latest tweets. Adding that pointless and unfounded criticism would trample down the fight against coronavirus.

Jhagra’s tweets were in response to denunciation from an award-winning journalist Benazir Shah who slammed the KP government for mediocre facilities for the Pakistani ex-pats at the quarantine facilities. She quoted an article that shared the account of a Pakistani ex-pat kept in one of the quarantine facility in KP after returning from UAE.

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The Pakistani ex-pat had shared the pictures of a monstrous condition of a room in which he was kept at the quarantine facility.

Jhagra challenged the claims made by a Pakistani ex-pat returning from UAE and decried the journalist for sharing the news piece without any investigation.

“Criticise the workers that clean bathrooms, but not the passenger abusing privilege to land on a flight he shouldn’t be on. When award-winning journalists like Ms@Benazir_Shah decide not to investigate but to insinuate the fight against Corona will get that little bit harder,” wrote Taimur Khan Jhagra.

He posted the pictures of sanitary workers cleaning the washroom and the room. Adding that Pakistani ex-pats staying in the quarantine facility must bear in mind that they are not staying in a five-star hotel.

He further informed that “The traveller in question was among a few to wriggle their way on to a flight exclusively designated for prisoners. His room was made ready, and washroom cleaned, as shown below.”

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He informed that the returned passenger also asked to be tested out of turn and be sent home against the protocols. The administration turned down both demands.

He admitted that these facilities may not be ideal but the KP administration is making every effort to facilitate people with the existing resources in the best possible way.

Adding that he is ‘proud that KP was the first province to accept the request from Islamabad for international flights, despite limited facilities. It’s our national duty.’

“Do point out what can be improved, but please don’t belittle the efforts that the district admin and these extraordinary sanitary workers are making; even for those who abuse the privilege and yet still complain, because they wanted to abuse it, some more and GoKP denied them,” Jhagra concluded his message on Twitter.

Benazir Shah retorted back to the claims of Taimur Khan Jhagra. “Personally targeting me, or other working journalists are also not going to help the fight against coronavirus. According to the passenger, the room was cleaned more than 24 hours after his arrival,” she said in an argument.