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Thursday, May 23, 2024

WEF lauds, selects Pakistan as a ‘Champion of Nature’

WEF invites Pakistan to join the ‘Champions of Nature’ community and share its success story of reforestation and other efforts to conserve the environment and combat climate change.

The international non-profit organization, World Economic Forum (WEF), has selected Pakistan as a ‘Champion of Nature’ recognising its efforts for battling climate change on Friday 24th Sept.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Climate Change, Malik Amin Aslam, announced the significant achievement on his Twitter account on Saturday 25th Sept. He also posted the letter received from WEF inviting Pakistan to join the ‘Champions of Nature’ community of and share its success story of reforestation and other efforts to conserve the environment and combat climate change.

Pakistan proclaimed as a ‘Champion of Nature’ 

“Good news for #Pakistan – Selected to be a global #ChampionForNature by the @wef in global recognition of the #Green policies of @ImranKhanPTI including #10BillionTreeTsunami #GreenStimulus and #ProtectedAreasInitiative,” tweeted Aslam.

Ministry of Climate Change shared the news on its official Twitter handle. “WEF invites SAPM Malik Amin Aslam (@aminattock) to join #ChampionsforNature Community & highlight the success of Pakistan’s ‘Green Stimulus’ plan & other steps taken for reforestation. SAPM has given all the credit of global recognition of the green vision to PM Imran Khan,” the Ministry announced on social media.

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Pakistan effectively combating climate change

Pakistan is proactively following the policy of a ‘Clean and Green Pakistan’ under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan who has several times exhorted the importance of protecting the environment and effectively dealing with climate change for the sustainability of future generations.

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The Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf federal government introduced and executed several measures like the 10 billion tree plantation project across Pakistan, ban on plastic bags, and a recently launched program ‘Green Stimulus’ plan in response to COVID-19. The Green Stimulus project initiated by the federal government has provided 84,000 jobs during the coronavirus pandemic in Pakistan. Initiated earlier this year, the package provided paid employment to labor deprived of work due to coronavirus lockdown restrictions. People were paid for planting trees across the country to deal with climate change threats, taking further the ambitious 10 billion tree plantation project.

“Your country’s holistic approach in fighting climate change, nature degradation and loss of livelihood holds lessons for all,” wrote WEF while addressing advisor Aslam.

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