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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Like Diwali celebrations: Indians burst firecrackers to fight Covid-19 on Modi’s call

Diwali like celebrations to fight pandemic generates criticism of Indians on Twitter. Citizens of Delhi and other cities burnt conch shells and firecrackers upon the request of PM Modi to display the resolve to fight coronavirus. Annoyed social media users from around the world say India has become the first nation to celebrate global pandemic coronavirus by burning firecrackers.

The world was bewildered as Indians burst firecrackers and lit candles in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call of ‘9 pm 9 minutes’ to express resolve against coronavirus.

Millions across the country had switched off lights and lit candles and even burst firecrackers upon the request of PM Modi to display the resolve to fight coronavirus On Friday, he had asked the nation to lit up candles and torches on Sunday for nine minutes at 9 pm.

The whole exercise generated outrage on Twitter as some people went a step overboard and burnt conch shells and firecrackers. It was not only a transgression of Modi’s call but was equally hazardous for the environment and causing air pollution when clean air is intensely needed to fight off respiratory diseases like coronavirus.

The Indian social media users slammed the over-charged people for even bursting firecrackers, reminding them that this is not a time of celebration of Diwali. Others argued that this is not a time to burst firecrackers to express unity when hundreds and thousands of homeless people are stranded and a vast number of people are left jobless.

Some people reported loud music being played in their neighborhood. Amid a strong backlash, social media users resorted to mockery to express their annoyance and bewilderment on the ridiculousness of bursting firecrackers.

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A large number of media workers were miffed with the bursting of firecrackers and slammed the government for miscommunication of the PM Modi’s message.

This is, however, the second show of solidarity in India orchestrated on the call of PM Modi. Earlier, he had called for mass clappings and clanging of pots and pans during the ‘Janta curfew’ imposed on March 22nd.

Indians responded overwhelmingly as million stepped in their balconies and clapped for the health workers and security officials risking their lives to fight coronavirus in the country.

Even Bollywood actress, Sonam Ahuja expressed displeasure over bursting firecrackers with harsh words over cracking fireworks across major cities in Mumbai and New Delhi.