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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Local varsity’s shocking exam paper on incest raises social media storm

The shocking exam paper has invoked public ire as netizens question the course content being taught at Pakistan's higher educational institutes.

A local university is facing intense public backlash for asking students a question on incest in an english exam. The question paper has gone viral on social media as netizens demand strict action against the university for allegedly promoting incest.

According to the details, students of the Bachelor of Electric Engineering were given a highly objectionable question on incest in their English exam and were asked to write a 300 words essay on the topic.

The question was based on an incestuous relationship between a brother and a sister and the students were asked to give their opinion on the matter while giving relevant examples.

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Needless to say, that the shocking exam paper on incest has invoked public ire as netizens question the course content being taught at Pakistan’s higher educational institutes.

There were also speculations over the authenticity of the question paper, however, the university has confirmed that it is indeed real and strict action was taken against the professor responsible for the exam.

The university informed the Ministry of Science and Technology that the services of a faculty member who had asked the controversial question in the English composition exam was terminated.

Students had expressed their shock over the exam paper on incest and the university had called a meeting the next day and asked the faculty member to explain the motive behind asking students such a “stupid question”, as reported by the media.

The faculty member acknowledged his mistake and the university terminated his services, meanwhile the quiz was retaken. The faculty member was sacked on January 5 while the ministry took notice on January 19.

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This is not the first time that Pakistan’s exam system has come under question for the content created to test students. Earlier, pictures of the English paper for CSS examination 2023 asking to write an essay on ‘Boys will be Boys’ went viral on social media. Some opined that the question reflects the stereotypical attitude existing in society regarding male dominance in the society.