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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Major (r) Adil Raja went missing?

Major (r) Adil Raja's alleged disappearance has caused a storm on social media. While his wife was finally able to contact him, members of the journalistic community urged authorities to look into the matter of what seemed to be a case of enforced disappearance.

Major (r) Adil Raja, who is the former spokesman of the Pakistan Ex-Serviceman Society, went missing after a Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) team reportedly conducted a raid to arrest him.

However, according to the latest updates from his wife Sabine Kayani, Major (r) Adil has returned. Sabine Kayani revealed the updates on Twitter.

“Dear all, I have heard from my husband. He is fine and free Alhamdulillah. Thank you so much for your support. Please keep us in your prayers,” Sabine Kayani tweeted. On the other hand, there are reports that he has gone to the UK.

TV anchor Imran Riaz Khan on Thursday retweeted a Twitter post from Raja’s wife Sabine Kayani who said she is unable to contact her husband after the FIA carried out a raid at the residence of his mother’s home. Sabine Kayani also shared the CCTV footage of the two men allegedly from FIA.

Shortly after the FIA’s raid, Sabine Kayani lost contact with her husband Major (r) Adil Raja. On Twitter, she requested help and urged people to provide any information they have.

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Furthermore, Major (r) Adil’s younger brother Raja Faisal, who is also a prominent journalist and geopolitical analyst, requested the institutions to help the family.


Major Adil Raja is my elder brother. My sister-in-law and the whole family are worried because he can’t be contacted. We are a family that defends the country and the nation on all fronts. I beg my own institutions to help us,” Raja Faisal.


Questionable timings?


The story of Major (r) Adil Raja’s disappearance went viral on social media. Important to note, two days ago, he resigned from the position of the Spokesperson of the Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society-PESS. His resignation sparked rumors that perhaps “higher-ups” from the institution forced him to resign due to his strong comments on the COAS Gen. Bajwa and former Prime Minister Imran Khan. However, Major Adil Raja rejected the rumors.

“Thank you to all those who showed concern and sympathy. I wasn’t forced to but voluntarily resigned from a voluntary position at PESS. I will continue serving Ex-Servicemen’s and Pakistan’s interests otherwise,” Major Adil tweeted.


The news of his disappearance is still making waves on social media as members of the journalistic community are urging authorities to look into the matter. Furthermore, there are speculations that he was abducted for reporting on COAS Bajwa’s meeting with Imran Khan and their alleged rift.

There are also speculations that authorities may have abducted him owing to his strong support for former Prime Minister Imran Khan. Nevertheless, prominent journalists in Pakistan, along with netizens demand that institutions begin an investigation. They are also condemning FIA for its alleged involvement.

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Journalists express concern

“Retired Major Adil Kayani was active on social media. According to his wife, he is missing. If he has been picked up or arrested, it is a reprehensible and despicable act. Adil Kayani should be recovered immediately,” Raheeq Abbasi, a political analyst and columnist, tweeted. Meanwhile, leading journalist Imran Khan too voiced his concerns over the matter.

Similarly, prominent journalist Dr. Moeed Pirzada too condemned what seems like a case of “enforced disappearance.”

“When some ‘irresponsible characters’ abducted Matiullah Jan, all of us and civil society simultaneously protested to resolve. It now appears a similar or worst crime. And if these practices continue, Pakistan will start looking like Somalia, Burma, or Uganda. Let sanity prevail,” Dr. Moeed Pirzada also tweeted.

Meanwhile, TV presenter Shiffa Yousafzai slammed the FIA for failing to fulfill its responsibilities.

“Shame on FIA. In my simple complaint against an obnoxious character whose only claim to fame is abusing women and attacking their character, FIA couldn’t even get a restraining order,” Shiffa Yousafzai tweeted.

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While Major (r) Adil’s wife was finally able to contact him and revealed he was “free”, netizens are still questioning his alleged disappearance. According to netizens, many questions remain unanswered, for instance, who took him?