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Monday, March 20, 2023

Malik Riaz announces to bear the expenses of Fifty-Fifty actor Majid Jehangir

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Malik Riaz, the chairman of Bahria Town, on Saturday announced to bear the expenses ailing comedian Majid Jehangir. The social media celebrity and comedian Junaid Akram brought to people’s attention the ailing condition of comedian Majid Jehangir of ‘fifty-fifty fame’.

Akram shared a picture of the comedian standing with a banner of the car that requested people to help him bear the expenses of his treatment. The banner also had a contact number written on it for the people who want to help him.

Loosely translated, it reads: “This is an appeal to the fans of Majid Jahangir, the famous comedy artiste from Fifty Fifty who used to make people laugh, to help him in the expenses related to the treatment of his paralysis.”

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Junaid Akram expressed his grief over the deteriorating condition of his icon Majid Jehangir. He said Jehangir always inspired him to become a comedian. He urged his friends and followers to help Jehangir in the best possible way.

“I had been searching for Majid Jehangir for so long and this is how I’ve found him. He’s been my biggest inspiration in comedy. Seeing my hero in this state makes me feel really sad,” Akram wrote. Majid Jehangir’s half body has been affected by paralysis three years ago. The expensive treatments and daily expenses have dried up his monetary resources.

Jehangir while talking to the local media channels said his sickness has barred from securing an independent employment for himself and without any permanent sources of income it is getting increasingly difficult for the couple to bear the cost to commute to doctors on regular basis.

He seeks the help from state authorities. The comedian wife said he has moved to Lahore after losing all the hopes of getting any assistance from the Sindh government. In 2016, Pakistan Peoples Party member Sharmila Farooqui personally donated a check of Rs, 400,000 to him. Since then Jehangir has received no assistance from Sindh government.

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Pakistani actors, however, have time and again complained of receiving negligible support from the government during their difficult time.

Previously, the two famous deceased actors- Matloob-ur-Rehman (Zakoota Jin) and Nusrat Ara Begum( Bil Batori) from 90’s kid programme ‘Ainak Wala Jin’ expressed the similar grief of receiving no assistance from authorities. Both the actors suffered from paralysis and hence were dependent on donations and charity to bear daily expenses of life.