Man allegedly of Pakistani origin arrested for dancing on Dubai Metro Train

An Asian man has been arrested by the police for publicly dancing in Dubai's Metro Train. Due to his attire, speculations are being made that the man is of Pakistani origin.

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Dubai police arrested a man apparently of Pakistani origin for inappropriate dance in a Metro Train and flouting COVID-19 SOPs. The man was spotted dancing without a mask in the Metro Train as other passengers filmed him.

The video has instantly gone viral triggering Dubai Police into action against the Asian man. According to Brigadier Obaid Al Hathboor, Director of Transportation Security Department at Dubai Police, the man disturbed other commuters and also breached COVID-19 protocols.

“A video of an Asian man circulated on social media while he was performing indecent acts inside a train. He caused disturbance to others without respecting their privacy,” said Brig Al Hathboor.

The man is dressed in blue shalwar kameez and a cap. “He was additionally arrested for not wearing a mask inside the train while all commuters around him were wearing masks and following precautionary measures.”


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Dubai authorities have imposed strict penalties and punishment for anyone not adhering to COVID-19 guidelines.

Brigadier Al Hathboor said that Federal Law no 3 imposes Article 361 on such situations.

“A sentence of imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months and a fine not exceeding Dh5,000 or either one of said two penalties shall be imposed on whoever publicly makes an appeal or utters a song, yelling or speech that is immoral or publicly prompts others by any means to debauchery,” added Brig Al Hathboor.

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UAE’s strict moral policing

UAE has been practicing strict moral policing in its public spaces with stringent actions against those who are caught breaching the code of conduct.

In April, authorities in Dubai had decided to deport eleven Ukrainian women who took part in a naked photoshoot in a high-rise balcony of an apartment. A Russian photographer was also deported, said the authorities.

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Authorities in Dubai had strongly disapproved of the act of Ukrainian women and a photographer calling it a violation of the code of conduct. They charged the 12 individuals with producing pornography and public debauchery. The viral footage shows naked women lined up on a balcony posing for a photoshoot in broad daylight.