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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Man gropes woman in Islamabad, caught on CCTV footage

CCTV footage of a man groping a woman has been shared on social media. The video was shared on Monday and since then has created a storm. Netizens are demanding the authorities take strict action against the culprit.

The video was posted by Twitter user Ehtisham Abbasi while the incident took place in the I-10 area of Islamabad. The video shows a burqa-clad woman who was groped by a man who was crossing the street. The man came running from behind her and grabbed her and groped her. After groping the woman he ran away quickly.

Islamabad Police is currently investigating the case. According to the reports, the man has been reportedly traced. People on Twitter are requested the Islamabad Police to investigate the case and arrest the man.

Responding to the tweet of Ehtisham Ali Abbasi, Islamabad Police said that the concerned SHO is in contact with the victim and her family. Abbasi also said that the family is also satisfied with the investigation of the case.

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Journalist Hamid Mir also responded to the viral video. In his tweet, he said, “This picture is a challenge for all men, for the sake of our mothers, sisters, and daughters, we should find this person and make an example of it, otherwise the same incident may happen in front of your house tomorrow.”

He also tagged Islamabad Police to take action against the man.

The video triggered once again the debate around the safety of women in the country. Users that it is not the dressing of women that is often given as the cause of sexual offenses against women.

“The Maulana groping the burqa-clad woman in Islamabad is living proof that Hijab does not protect a woman from harassment. When men compare women to candies that should be covered, they forget they are comparing themselves to insects,” said a Twitter user.