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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Man tries to set himself on fire outside Supreme Court

Unemployment drives a man towards self-immolation. Luckily, police were present at the scene and stopped the man from setting himself on fire. Unfortunately, the man's two young daughters were present at the time. They witnessed the entire traumatic incident.

Earlier today, a man attempted suicide outside Supreme Court, Islamabad. Sources claim the man tried to set himself on fire. However, police intervened and prevented the man from carrying out the gut-wrenching act.

The media reported that the man worked for National Housing Authority (NHA) but was recently fired from his job. Unable to handle the idea of unemployment, the man proceeded to take his own life.

His two daughters were also present at the scene.


He doused himself in petrol and was about to set himself on fire when the police stopped. The police confiscated the bottle of petrol and the matchsticks. They then took the man into custody and shifted him to the Secretariat Police Station.

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Joblessness driving people towards suicide

Unemployment causes people to take drastic measures. The case of self-immolation due to joblessness is not the first of its kind. Last year, three residents of Khairpur committed suicide due to hunger during the lockdown.

The three persons, included a daily wager, a factory worker, and a laborer. As the men relied on their daily earnings to provide for their families, the lockdown made the task impossible.

Unable to stand their families and children’s hunger, the men set themselves on fire.

A poverty-stricken man, the resident of Mubarak Shar of Ahmedpur Town, identified as Sobhal Shar, committed suicide by self-immolation. He was shifted to the GIMS Hospital, Gambat in Khairpur, with severe burn injuries but could not make it.

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Another laborer, Shahzeb Sahitto, who was a resident of Peer Muhalla in Gambat, also attempted suicide by self-immolation. He too was rushed to the GIMS, Gambat, in critical condition after third-degree burns over his body.

Lastly, Riaz Muhammad Maitlo also died due to hunger in Khairpur. He worked in a nearby factory which helped him support his family.

Last year’s lockdown due to the pandemic proved to be a difficult time for the country. Many families lost their sources of income and suffered tremendously.

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