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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Marvel fan sets new record by watching ‘Avengers’ 110 times

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A Marvel fan in the United States is doing his part to help Avengers: Endgame become the highest grossing movie in history — he’s seen the superhero blockbuster a whopping 110 times, possibly setting a new Guinness record.

“I work 10 hours, watch end game 2 times on weekdays at least 6 hours,” said Agustin Alanis in a message on Twitter on Monday that was accompanied by a picture of himself and a theater attendant holding his 110th ticket stub for the movie.

During Endgame’s month and a half in theaters, the Marvel fan has bought a ticket to 110 showings of the movie, surpassing the record for the most times a person has watched the same movie in theaters. The previous record was held by Anthony Mitchell for viewing Avengers: Infinity War 103 times in theaters last year. Agustin Alanis tied with Mitchell on Sunday, and commemorated it with the following Twitter post:

Alanis’ feat beats another record set last year by Anthony Mitchell, who saw Avengers: Infinity War 103 times, which got him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records and a trip to the Endgame set. Alanis, who lives in Florida, has been chronicling his trips to see the movie on Twitter, posting a picture of himself at each viewing with his ticket stub.

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The latest mega-blockbuster from Marvel Studios has earned a worldwide total of $2.732 billion at the box office so far, putting it within range of beating Avatar, which raked in $2.788 billion to become the highest-grossing movie of all time.

The hugely-anticipated Avengers series-ender earned a staggering $1.2 billion on its opening weekend at the end of April and has since continued its massive box office run.

Industry watchers, however, say the movie has begun to lose steam with viewers and may end up in the number two spot for the foreseeable future — possibly until an eventual re-release. That’s unless more fans like Alanis make it their duty to ensure Endgame snatches the title from Avatar.