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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Maryam Nawaz, Imran Khan, Reham Khan & Diet Coke: A Complicated Love Square

Reham is angry over injustice inflicted on Maryam Nawaz by not letting her drink 'diet coke'. Reham Khan reminded the government and her former husband, Imran Khan, about karma in her latest video.

Reham Khan lashed out at PTI and Prime Minister Imran Khan for not letting PML-N’s leader Maryam Nawaz consume ‘diet coke‘.

Addressing the followers of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Reham asserted that unlike the Sharif family who patiently spent months in jail, Imran Khan would not be able to stand a single day in prison. Khan purportedly cursed the current government, when she said ‘Today you have stopped Maryam Nawaz from drinking Diet Coke. It would be very difficult if your leader is stopped from consuming Coke in jail.’

Reham Khan even described Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman’s Azaadi March a ‘Karma‘ for PM Khan. She said Maulana is doing the same things-dharna, protests, shut down, what Imran Khan did in 2014.

“They took 126 days and nothing happened. Look at what they have achieved. They have all converged on the same page. When Pervaiz Elahi is speaking against you when he is saying let them go when the railway’s minister is saying things like these,” referring to the statements of Sheikh Rasheed and Pervez Ilahi.

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Adding that there is a dispute in government’s alliance and that Imran Khan hurt Pervez Illahi when he brought in Usman Buzdar as the Chief Minister of Punjab.

Reham Khan anticipated that PM Khan will be abandoned and betrayed by his allies including Pervez Illahi, the same way he did to the people.

The lady, however, has intensified her spree of ridiculing PM Khan in the last few days.  She bolstered Bilawal Bhutto against PM Khan mocking him for his statements on rain in Karachi.

Reham Khan unleashed derision against PM Khan, mocking him for his previous faux passes.

Reham Khan, from the closest ally, has turned into Imran Khan’s bitterest foe following the dissolution of their marriage. She has been exuding unrestrained contempt against Imran Khan ever since separation. From writing a book slandering him, to accusing him of selling Kashmir and praising his enemies, Reham Khan has even raised questions on the character of other party leaders of PTI as well.