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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Reham Khan Wins The Case & Oh My! Pakistan is Going to Hear About it

A defamation case, which began earlier this year in February gradually ended in favor of Reham Khan. Dunya News, Kamran Shahid and Sheikh Rasheed must know that her memoir ‘Reham Khan’, largely defaming PM Khan, was not a paid work but her own shenanigans.

Reham Khan, the former wife of Imran Khan, has claimed to have won a defamation case against Dunya News. Khan had filed a defamation case against Dunya News and its program “On the Front Line with Kamran Shahid” for leveling false and unverified allegations against her.

Khan, in her defamation notification, urged that federal minister Sheikh Rasheed had falsely accused her of receiving money from her ex-husband’s political rival, PML-N’s leader Shahbaz Sharif for writing an autobiography and defaming Imran Khan in that personal account. In a hearing held on Monday, the court informed Judge Mathew Nicklin about the settlement reached between the two parties, and the amount paid by defendant Dunya News to claimant Reham Khan.

In a tweet posted on Tuesday, Reham Khan claimed that Dunya News has unconditionally apologized to her while she will be receiving ‘substantial‘ from the channel. She even posted her video on YouTube explaining her followers the proceeding of the case in detail.

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Alex Cochrane from Hamlins LLP, Reham Khan’s counsel asserted that Dunya News has accepted that Sheikh Rasheed’s assertions were entirely fake and untrue. In the written statement submitted to the court, Dunya News will not repeat baseless allegations against her client and that they have paid all her legal costs and an undisclosed hefty amount. The court order further read that Dunya News is satisfied with seeking an apology from Reham Khan.

Hailing the UK court’s decision, she said that she eventually won a long and arduous legal battle, which proved her innocence. She said ‘she felt fully vindicated‘. Adding that, all this while she was maligned by Pakistani media and PTI for business and political gains. Khan added that her triumph will pave the way for responsible and ethical journalism in Pakistan.

Will Reham Khan’s victory in the case will cease her diatribe against PM Khan or will her anti-Imran Khan agenda further intensify after the win?

Reham Khan’s memoir titled ‘Reham Khan‘ was published last year before the general elections in which she had leveled objectionable allegations of illicit conduct on PTI’s top leadership including Imran Khan, Murad Saeed, Uzma Kardar, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Anila Khwaja, and others.