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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Maryam Nawaz lion insignia face mask turns heads at PDM rally

Maryam Nawaz's wore a 'lion-themed' mask at a PDM rally which has earned mixed remarks from the Pakistani internet

While the success of the Peshawar rally of the Pakistan Democratic Alliance is debatable, the customized face mask of PML-N leader, Maryam Nawaz Sharif gained traction on social media on Sunday.

The leading lady of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Maryam Nawaz, wore a customized face mask with the insignia of her party, Lion, on it. The black face mask had flowers on one side and a Lion insignia on another. Maryam paired the face mask with a cream color suit for the rally.



Not only Maryam Nawaz but another leader Maryam Aurangzeb also wore the same face mask at the PDM Peshawar rally. However, this is not the first time, Maryam has taken on a customized face mask, earlier she wore a face mask that had a Lion insignia and a slogan ‘Vote Ko Izzat Dou’ (Respect the vote) written on it.

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She even put her images of wearing the mask posted on her official Twitter account on November 20th. “While a mask gives you protection from COVID-19, ‘Vote ko izzat do’ narrative & struggle will protect you from ‘Covid-18’ & all such future attempts, Insha’Allah. Protect yourself, protect your vote,” wrote Maryam in a tweet.

Earlier, Maryam donned the look of Halime Sultan, the leading character of popular Turkish serial, Dirilis Ertugrul, at a public rally in Gilgit Baltistan on Wednesday.


Maryam wore a greyish-blue outfit coupled with a headpiece identical to one of the avatars of the character in the serial. Turkish actress Esra Bilgic had played the character of Halime Sultan in the serial. Images of Maryam Nawaz from the public rally went viral on social media.

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Internet users were quick to identify the uncanny resemblance between Sultan and Nawaz. Many internet users said, inspired by the serial, Nawaz channeled herself as Halime Sultan at the public rally.

She was seen wearing a traditional Chitrali Pakol hat with a burgundy shalwar kameez suit.

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