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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Who did it better? Maryam Nawaz or Esra Bilgic

Maryam Nawaz is taking up traditional looks during the Gilgit-Baltistan election campaign, perhaps in a bid to woo the local community.

Pakistan Muslim League Vice President, Maryam Nawaz, donned the look of Halime Sultan, the leading character of popular Turkish serial, Dirilis Ertugrul, at a public rally in Gilgit Baltistan on Wednesday.

Nawaz wore a greyish-blue outfit coupled with a headpiece identical to one of the avatars of the character in the serial. Turkish actress Esra Bilgic had played the character of Halime Sultan in the serial. Images of Maryam Nawaz from the public rally went viral on social media. Internet users were quick to identify the uncanny resemblance between Sultan and Nawaz. Many internet users said, inspired by the serial, Nawaz channelled herself as Halime Sultan at the public rally.

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Nawaz has been electioneering at Gilgit-Baltistan ahead of the polls on Sunday. She even led a rally from Shigar to Skardu. Meanwhile, Nawaz is taking up traditional looks during her election campaign, perhaps in a bid to woo the local community. Recently, she was seen wearing a traditional Chitrali Pakol hat with a burgundy shalwar kameez suit.


In another public rally in Astor on Tuesday, she wore a beautiful headpiece. Nawaz remains in limelight for her extravagant yet quintessential dressing style. Nawaz is known for donning accessories worth thousands and even millions.

Back in September, green-colored shoes that Sharif wore for the All Parties Conference (APC) in Islamabad came under intense scrutiny on Pakistan’s social media.

Nawaz dazzled in a green silk dress for the APC yesterday, and matched it with her green shoes, as she appeared to attend APC on Sunday. Her ethereal dressing caught the attention on social media and beguiled her fans and detractors alike. Setting aside the politics, the social media users engaged in a debate over the worth of her shoes, as many dropped comments, cherishing her persona and style.

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The eagle-eyed social media users had once again spotted her branded shoes. A user had claimed that her shoes cost $126 that makes it PKR 22,000.