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Thursday, July 4, 2024

Maryam Nawaz’s Manolo Blahnik shoes steal spotlight away from her politics at APC

Setting aside her politics, the social media users engaged in a lively debate over the worth of her shoes, and many dropped comments, cherishing her persona and style.

The green-colored shoes that PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz Sharif wore for the All Parties Conference(APC) in Islamabad yesterday have come under intense scrutiny on Pakistan’s social media.


Nawaz dazzled in a green silk dress for the APC yesterday, and matched it with her green shoes, as she appeared to attend APC on Sunday. Her ethereal dressing caught the attention on social media and beguiled her fans and detractors alike. Setting aside the politics, the social media users engaged in a debate over the worth of her shoes, as many dropped comments, cherishing her persona and style.


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Earlier, social media users had mocked Maryam Nawaz when her pictures of ordering meal for her staff at a local restaurant went viral on social media. The users put up hilarious reactions on her viral pictures. However, the eagle-eyed social media users had once again spotted her branded shoes. A user had claimed that her shoes cost $126 that makes up PKR 22k.


Maryam Nawaz: APC, Green shoes and social media

Twitter users claimed that her shoes cost approximately PKR 2 lacs. A user also posted the pictures of the shoes from the official website of the brand to which they belonged. Another user, in comments, slyly added that a woman who claimed she has no property in Pakistan or the UK is wearing the shoes worth nearly Rs 2 lacs.

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Reports circulating on social media claim that Nawaz was wearing Manolo Blahnik shoes worth Rs.164,082.71 to be exact. Owing to her dressing, a Twitter user also likened Nawaz to Ivanka Trump, the daughter of US President Donald Trump.


However, this is not the first time, her accessories have come under the spotlight on social media. She is more often under attention for her expansive branded accessories than for her politics. The aspiring premier beguiles people with her persona whenever she makes a public appearance.

Back in July 2018, pictures of Nawaz adorned in Gucci and Bottega Veneta caught attention on social media as she traveled from London to Pakistan, to present herself for arrest to authorities.