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Friday, July 19, 2024

PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz denies party met army chief

Maryum Nawaz has denied that any representative of Nawaz Sharif met the army chief. She said that anyone who met the army chief did so on their own.

Maryum Nawaz has rejected any claims of any representative of Nawaz Sharif meeting the Army Chief. She said that whosoever did meet the army chief did so on their own.

No “representative” of Nawaz Sharif met the army chief 

Maryum Nawaz said that her father, an elected prime minister was disqualified,”No representative of Nawaz Sharif has met army chief. If someone has met the army chief he has met on his own.

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“We have not raised the question of proclaimed offender earlier while we should have raised it. The proclaimed offender appeared in the court within the jurisdiction of the police station of which limits he belonged to,” she remarked.

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When asked about the health of the former premier, she said that he needed an operation, however, due to the coronavirus pandemic he has been unable to receive one. She also added that Nawaz’s immune system is weak, but his treatment through medicine is underway.

She also remarked that albeit Nawaz Sharif was suffering from heart disease, his sprit was free from any ailments.

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About parliamentary leaders meeting the army chief she said that according to her information, the meeting had taken place in Rawalpindi rather than Islamabad. She said that she was not in favor of such meetings.

No divisions in the PML-N

She said people are talking about division in PML-N. They should keep in mind Shahbaz Sharif is a very loyal brother of Nawaz Sharif and he will not part ways. Had Shahbaz wanted to part ways he would have been PM today, she remarked. But Shahbaz Sharif preferred his brother to the premiership.

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