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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Mawra, Uzair are the official graduates of University of London

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Two famous Pakistani celebrities Mawra Hocane and Uzair Jaswal are now the official graduates of the University of London as they receive a degree in Law.

The celebrities took to Instagram to share the news with their fans and followers. Attending the graduation ceremony at the prestigious University of London Mawra donned in a red dress walked down the aisle to receive her degree. Both the celebrities attending together the ceremony also posted their selfie on Instagram.


Mawra Hocane while sharing her moments on social media wrote, “I truly didn’t think I would ever graduate alongside my career but today while I walked on that stage all I felt was gratitude, so much gratitude for living this life, for having the best of all worlds, for all the Love & prayers all of you say for me, for all the faith my faculty has always shown in me! I’m just so so THANKFUL!,” Mawra wrote.

Mawra also posted a picture with her parents on her Instagram account. She thanked her parents in a heartfelt caption of the picture.


She wrote, “These two humans looking at me with the shining light in their eyes on my graduation day trumps all the joys & emotions I have ever felt in my entire life. #Alhumdulillah

I’m lucky to have you by my side, I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to do you two proud!!!

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P.s, Mama, I hope you know that you’re my inspiration & my strength, you’ve pushed me to achieve more & more in life. You’re the backbone of our family! We are who we are because of your vision & persistence. I can never put to words how you have selflessly nurtured & loved all of us! Love you!!!!!!

On the other hand, Uzair Jaswal penned a note for his friends, family, and teachers for supporting him in his journey.



Never thought today would be this much of an emotional rollercoaster. But, here’s a little life update. Your boy has graduated!” an elated Uzair shared.