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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Maya Ali shares her inspirational and humble beginnings in a heartfelt message

Actress Maya Ali took to social media to express gratitude to her fans and followers for supporting her throughout her career. In a heartfelt message posted on Instagram, Maya Ali shed the light on her journey to success.

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Maya Ali is widely popular for her role of ‘Mannu’, opposite Hamza Ali Abbasi, in the drama serial ‘Man Mayal’. She stepped into the film industry with Ali Zafar’s ‘Teefa in Trouble’ and is now gearing up for her second release ‘Parey Hut Love’, this year on Eid-ul-Azha.

In a recent post, the actress shared a screenshot compilation of all her fan pages on Instagram with a caption reminiscent about her humble beginnings.

“I still remember my first day on TV when I had no support, Maya Ali was just a name,” she began. “But I was ambitious, I had so many dreams, so many thoughts and I knew I had to make my dreams come true. I had no idea whatsoever about any fans, not even about social media.”


She also talked about her first fan experience when she was recognized as ‘Cinderella’, a character she played:

“Then one day I went to the market and two girls came to me and asked, are you Cinderella and I said no I am Maya, after some time I realised that they were talking about my drama serial, I felt so good and shy at the same time.”

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“As time passed and I focused on my acting career, people began to love my work and also criticise it but I was open to all the feedback,” she added. “Today, when I saw this post (the picture she shared) which one of my fans tagged me in, I got goosebumps, my whole acting journey started to play in front of my eyes.

I can’t be more thankful to my Creator for all the love people have showered me with. Thank you for making it happen, thank you for being with me in my bad and good times; sometimes I feel low but all your love gives me hope,” added Maya Ali in conclusion.