Research reveals that days may go as long as 25 hours in the future

Using advanced technology, scientists at TUM have enhanced precision instruments, providing insights beyond leap seconds.

WhatsApp’s new feature: Chat Lock’s secret codes

To bolster user privacy and security, WhatsApp, a subsidiary of Meta, has recently introduced an innovative feature known as Chat Lock

Surge in prices of basic necessities causes distress in Gaza

A surge in prices, particularly for basic foodstuffs, fuels anger and resentment within a population already burdened by deprivation.

Plans approved to launch and fund a climate action program at COP28

This initiative aims to compensate poorer nations facing the brunt of climate extremes, such as floods, storms, and droughts.

People of Pakistan are beneficiary of CPEC and custodian too

The international community watched with concern as the country grappled with these challenges. However, amid adversity, a transformative initiative was launched that would alter Pakistan's trajectory and usher in a new era of prosperity.

Olivia Colman among 1,300 artists accusing art institutions of censorship on Palestine

Artists accuse art institutions of systematic repression of Palestinian perspectives

Beijing accuses US of provoking Philippines against China over South China Sea dispute

‘US is not a party involved and its interference will only make things worse,’ warns China

Sussex Secrets: Meghan and Harry’s Unspoken Truths in ‘Endgame’

Unveiling private letters exchanged between King Charles and Meghan, Scobie hints at the identities of two key figures involved, sparking renewed public interest.

North Korea rules out talks with ‘two-faced’ US

Pyongyang has rejected an offer to resume dialogue with Washington, saying its sovereignty is not open to negotiation