Is Shahbaz Taseer marrying model Neha Rajpoot?

Shahbaz Taseer and model Neha Rajput have been spotted together on multiple occasions. Shahbaz Taseer's ex-wife, Maheen Ghani, accused Neha Rajpoot of ending the couple's marriage. However, Neha Rajpoot hit back and said Maheen Ghani cheated on Shahbaz Taseer.

PM Imran Khan to meet Pakistan T20 World Cup squad

In a bid to boost morale, PM Khan will meet the Pakistan T-20 Cricket team and share some words of wisdom with them. The meeting comes following the sudden cancellation of tours to Pakistan by New Zealand and England.

Sharmila Faruqi questions rising domestic violence in Pakistani dramas

Sharmila Faruqi took to her Instagram account and posted a snapshot from the drama serial, Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3. In the caption of the post, she said, "Why can’t our dramas show a husband having a normal conversation with his wife?"

Islamabad Police eats Rs2.7m worth Biryani

Over 500 policemen were deployed for duty in Islamabad and Rawalpindi including five SPs and SSPs who were leading the team. Policemen were served Biryani, twice a day leading to a cost of Rs. 2.7 million during the eight-day tour of the New Zealand cricket team.

American radio presenter thanks PM Imran Khan for help

American political commentator & journalist Glenn Beck appreciates PM Khan's evacuation role in Afghanistan. In a series of tweets, Glenn Beck explains how PM Khan was the only global leader who had swiftly responded to the calls of help.

Canadian vlogger Rosie Gabrielle permanently moves to Gilgit Baltistan

The traveler said that Pakistan is a safe country and more foreign travelers and vloggers should visit and explore the country. “The long-anticipated wait is over! We are happy to share and announce that we have officially shifted to the north of Pakistan," said Rosie Gabrielle.

Maryam Nawaz mocks PM Khan over cancellation of New Zealand tour

PTI leader Hammad Azhar and other netizens slammed Maryam Nawaz for passing unpleasant remarks when the entire nation is hurt. Some advised her to keep her personal agendas aside as the nation and cricket fans are utterly disturbed.

Netflix tipped to win TV’s top prize at in-person Emmys

Despite turning the entire TV landscape upside-down since its groundbreaking online platform launched in 2007, leading streamer Netflix has never won for best drama at the small-screen version of the Oscars. However, things may soon change!

Trust security agencies: Babar Azam angry at New Zealand team

The abrupt cancellation has taken entire Pakistan with shock including skipper Babar Azam. Fans had been waiting for the crisp and strong response from the cricketer. They are also expecting a strong response from the newly-sworn in PCB Chairman, Ramiz Raja.

PM Khan silences man reciting critical poetry during conference

At a business conference in Dushanbe, a man started reciting poetry criticizing PM Khan's policies. However, PM Imran Khan interrupted the man and asked him to discuss the business as he will listen to poetry some other time.

Anchor Kiran Naz schools Pervez Hoodbhoy on hijab

Pakistan’s nuclear physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy said hijab and burqa reduce the class participation of women attending universities. His comments sparked outrage. Anchorperson Kiran Naz then wore the hijab in her live TV show in solidarity with the hijabi women.

Pakistani Restaurant in New York takes social media by storm

Pakistani restaurant "Clay Handi" in Buffalo New York, has gone viral for its truck art. The owner, Murshid Masood Qazi, a Pakistani-American built a car representing Pakistan's famous truck art culture, depicting the beautiful floral design, with beautiful messages in Punjabi/Urdu.

55 artisans worked to prepare extravagant wedding dress of Minal Khan

It seems as if a lot of work went into actress Minal Khan's wedding dress. Her designer shared the images of preparing the dress on his social media page. He added that 55 artisans had worked day and night to complete the dress.

Robbers shoot man in viral video of snatching in Islamabad

Robbers ran to the other side of the road after shooting the man who continued to call for help. The incident has instilled fear among social media users. It is, however, unclear if the man was robbed outside his home or he was a passer-by.

Amrullah Saleh crying for lost brother or $6.6m?

Some have suggested that he is crying over his lost money and gold others asserted that he is probably crying over the alleged killing of his brother. However, social media users also believe that he is faking his tears to respond to the backlash.

Taliban inspires Kim Kardashian, Rihanna’s look at MET Gala?

Kim Kardashian covered herself in black from top to bottom, even covered her face to the extent that she was unidentifiable. Memes and comments flooded social media comparing her to hijab-clad Afghan women. Twitteratis claimed that the Taliban are inspiring Hollywood!

Hum TV serial called out for controversial script on foster siblings

A Pakistani serial, Juda Hue Kuch Is Tarhan, is receiving flak on social media for its controversial content on foster siblings. Twitter users have accused the channel of promoting ‘incest’ in society and are demanding that PEMRA take strict actions against the serial.

Bollywood actresses promised to TTP recruits

A Pakistani soldier gives a guided tour of the TTP headquarters replica and explains how suicide bombers were brainwashed. They were given a complete concept of heaven and told that women beautiful as Bollywood actresses would be waiting for them in heaven.