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Friday, May 31, 2024

Rawalpindi Police officer slammed for inappropriate clothing while listening to female complaint

A viral image of a Rawalpindi Police officer receives backlash for tending to a female complainant in inappropriate attire. As per the viral image, the Policeman was seen wearing a vest only while listening to the complaint.

The incident happened at the Gulraiz Chowki, Airport Police Station. The suspected policeman in the case has been identified as the Sub-Inspector Aijaz Ghuman.

The incident sparked outrage from the public as the people criticized the policeman for his inappropriate dress and talked about the impact on the image of police and society.

Responding to the question, Ghuman said he received a call at 2:15 AM. He argued that the fellow sub-inspector took the lady to his room directly instead of addressing her complaint directly.

This is not the first time this has happened. A similar incident happened back in 2019. A video showed a police officer in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, working without a shirt on. This upset people and the police chief suspended the officer.

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The news report says this officer sometimes works without a shirt, even when talking to women who need help from the police. People who know about the situation say the officer will be investigated and possibly punished.

This comes after another recent case in Rawalpindi where a couple was arrested for kidnapping and hurting young girls.