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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Medical Board Recommends Nawaz Sharif Needs To Go Abroad For Treatment

PML-N’s supreme leader is likely to leave for London after his medical board has recommended him to get treatment outside Pakistan. Reports suggest a deal has been signed between Sharifs and the establishment.

The medical Board overseeing the treatment of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has reportedly recommended that he [Nawaz] needs to go abroad for his treatment. “Health department should talk to us,” Prof Dr. Mehmood Ayaz told reporters, adding that the medical board set up for the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader’s treatment would give in writing that he needs to undergo genetic test from abroad.

Dr. Ayaz added the foreign visit would become essential if doctors want to examine his body tissues in order to diagnose the exact cause of his illness.

Political commentators believe that the deal was already on the cards and the former premier was all set to leave for London. Nawaz has procured bail on medical grounds in the ongoing Chaudhry Sugar Mills case from the Lahore High Court. His seven-year jail sentence in the Al Azizia case has also been suspended by the Islamabad High Court for eight weeks on medical grounds.

It is important to mention that Nawaz, who was discharged on his request from the Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS), changed his mind in the evening and requested that he spend the night at the hospital instead of being shifted to the Sharif Medical City Hospital in Raiwind.

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According to Dr. Ayaz, the medical board recommended that a genetic test be carried out after it was observed that Nawaz’s platelets could not be raised to normal levels and that his sugar and blood pressure levels were also inconsistent.

Dr. Ayaz said that Nawaz’s health, overall, had seen an improvement. “If he wishes to travel, he can.” When asked about Nawaz’s health indicators, the doctor said that while his condition has seen a slight improvement, his CBC report has shown a decline in platelet levels yet again. His platelet levels now stand at 30,000 per microliter, he said.

Furthermore, his sugar levels have not stabilized in the past 15 days. According to the medical board, the former premier’s sugar levels are checked 5-6 times daily. The levels have spiked as high as 150-190.

Nawaz’s Name Is On ECL

According to Federal Interior Minister Ijaz Shah, Nawaz Sharif’s name is on the Exist Control List (ECL) but, he said, the government shall allow Nawaz to leave for London for treatment.  “Although Nawaz’s name is on the ECL on the request of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), if it becomes absolutely necessary and is the only option left, the government will find a way,” he said. He also prayed for the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supreme leader’s health.

“Deal Has Been Signed”

Sources claim that the deal was primarily signed between Sharifs and the establishment, and the government was taken into confidence after that. Prominent anchor Sabir Shakir has revealed that the PML-N and government have reached a deal. “Nawaz Sharif is willing to return 5 to 7 billion dollars,” he said. Despite multiple efforts, GVS could not verify these claims.

Senior analyst Arif Hameed Bhati also confirmed that the former premier is likely to leave for the UK in next few days.

Analysts believe that different plans were offered to Mr. Sharif by the establishment and one of them was to return the money and get released. Sources in Lahore and Islamabad confirmed that such reports are credible and a deal has reportedly been signed.

Political commentators who spoke to GVS believe that while Nawaz may be genuinely sick, impression is growing of a deal to create a sympathetic atmosphere in which he can be allowed to leave for London while cases against remain pending in courts. Those who suspect a deal point towards past. If history of Pakistan is anything to go by, then reports of a deal might as well be true.

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No politically powerful person in Pakistan’s history has ever been punished in a court of law in a corruption case; convictions even if obtained in lower courts are almost always overturned by superior courts. System simply does not have the will to punish powerful people- they argue.  In this case powerful sections of media, doctors and other actors active behind the scenes may be making a case to pressurize Prime Minister Imran Khan to let Nawaz go to London under a medical emergency, its being said.